Friday, October 30, 2009

Meme from Ruth

I'm bored tonight. There is so much I could be doing,but when in doubt do a meme...

Here I go:
20 years ago:
~I was 18 years old. I had just graduated from high school in July and was looking forward to the future. I moved from Kitimat to Whistler, BC where my life would completely change in a year.
~I was so excited but scared of moving so far away from home. I did a telephone interview and landed a job at the Chateau Whistler. I was baffled that one of the questions they asked was if I used a lot of soap when I washed.
~I left home with a small suitcase.
~My best friend was(and still is) Shari. She was living in Rogers Pass. Originally I had moved to Rogers Pass with her. I was hired and fired the same day.
~I loved Paula Abdul, U2, Richard Marx, Roxette, the B52's, Guns 'n Roses and Poison.

10 years ago
~I was pregnant with Josey and had less than a month to go.
~We were adjusting to life in Kitimat.
~I was stressed out: we were broke and trying to make ends meet.
~Shay was a year and half.
~I went to my grad 10 year reunion.

5 years ago
~Our family was complete. We had a 7 year old, 5 year old and 1 year old.
~We had a dog named Gypsy, and a cat named Mozart. None of which are with us anymore.
~I was wearing braces.
~We were thinking that Terrace would be our permanent home. We were still renting at the time.

3 years ago
~We were planning trip to Vegas. Sadly this trip never came to light....I guess we're still planning.
~My dad was living and giving me lots of blogging material.
~Steve Irwin had passed away in September.
~we were living in our new house for one year.

1 year ago

~I was in the pits of sadness and grief, still reeling from the death of my dad.
~I went to the Madonna concert in Vancouver.
~I had all 3 boys in school for the first time.

This year
~I've begun my upgrading (for the second time) and applied and was accepted into the LPN course.
~We experienced some more sadness with the death of my sis in law's brother. We made an unplanned trip to Jaffray to offer our support.
~I took my first aid course.
~Discovered I was driving for 2 years without a valid driver's license.
~Went on and off and on and off my "way of living" bandwagon.

~I baked for my son's Halloween party.
~I drove for my other son's field trip to the bowling alley.
~stressed out over the H1N1 vaccination.
~said a few prayers
~listened to my hubby painfully explain picture stuff to me.
~talked with my Aunt and Uncle

~I bawled my eyes out rewatching the dvd Scott made of my dad's pictures.
~was a taxi driver for most of the day
~was happy my blood pressure had gone down a little.
~spent a mini fortune on studded winter tires.
~stressed out over the H1N1 vaccinations.

~hockey bright and early for Gavin
~dropping one boy at a friends' house for a sleepover and getting 4 more for the night.
~will be trick and treating with our crew. Good times!!



Rox said...

I'm totally doing this one!

Tanya said...

Picture stuff? Now you'll have to explain it to me!

I had a pretty blah day...cleaned Syd's room...girls are gross! Haha!

Maybe I'll see your around our hood tomorrow! We'll be out and about with Ro...Syd will be off with the girls...have fun!

Gwen said...

I have this one partially done, sitting in my "drafts." I think I'll try to finish it today! Good one. The "Richard Marx" made me laugh... I'm guilty of that, too.

Anita said...

I love this one!
and I too was a lover of richard marx (not in the literal sense... just enjoyed his music)...
I might actually steal this one too.

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