Thursday, October 29, 2009

Of Which I've Been Breaking the Law for 2 Years.

I have been so busy this past week...well actually, more like the past couple of months. I'm not sure how a full course load is going to affect this family. I might hire an organizer. I wonder if she does house calls??
Yesterday I had a bazillion things to do...and truly, it was a bazillion. One of which was getting my driver's abstract for the school, so I can be a good mom and in my spare time drive for field trips. I realized it NEEDED to be done yesterday as I am scheduled to drive for a bowling trip tomorrow afternoon.
Off I headed to the Government agent's office. I was running a little behind of the time schedule I had alloted myself. The line up was grievously long. Why is that? Whenever you have a time constraint, you encounter lineups, slow people, pedestrians that take forever and a day to cross the street?
Anyhow..(phewf...I was beginning to start a rant). I waited 10 minutes in the line and quickly ran to the counter when it was my turn. I handed the lady my driver's license and asked for 2 driver abstracts to be done.
"We could do a driver's abstract....if you had a valid driver's license!" she said.
"Valid?" I was stunned. Did I pay that speeding ticket from 2006 off?? I began to ask myself."Yes valid." she said and then paused. We exchanged a couple of uncomfortable glances back and forth. Finally after what seemed like 198 minutes, I broke the silence with, "what do you mean by valid?"
"Your license expired October 18th, 2007"she answered.
"Ohhhh.."was all I could muster up.I began to think of how on earth a person of sound mind could forget to renew their license for 2 whole years.
And then it came to me.
"2007 was a bad year for me, my dad died..."I began....but then stopped myself. "Actually he died in 2008...2007 was actually pretty stress free. I have no reasonable explanation."I admitted.
Then she asked me the silliest question, "do you want to renew your license?"
"Umm...well considering I'm driving a vehicle unlawfully the answer would be YES!"I said.
The lady laughed and then told me that she's seen people come in after 8 or 9 years wondering if they need to renew their licenses. That made me feel really good. Still hope for me!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
It's been super busy around here. I'll update in point form, as I need to get to bed.
~I'm so sad about Eurocan(pulp and paper mill that employed 535 people)shutting down. I think of all the families and our northwest that will be affected. Specifically I am thinking of Shari and Doug. I pray that they won't suffer too much hardship. I hope that they can use this as a way to pursue other dreams. Selfishly I don't want them to move. Shari is my best friend. We don't see each other often,but we talk daily. She has comforted me, laughed with me, cried with me and listened to me. I know that distance wouldn't change that,but I'm still a little sad.
~I'm still trodding along slowly with the biology. I'm ready to take a test but am having a hard time in getting the time to do so. I was going to do it tomorrow,but I need to bake for Josey's party and then drive for a school trip. I think I might need to hire a mom for a few hours a week. Anyhow...Monday is the day. So help me God.
~I'm conflicted in whether to vaccinate my children. I know the pros and cons. We were not going to do it and I had the worse knot in my tummy. Scott told me tonight before he went to work that he was second guessing our decision and I felt relieved he felt that way. Now we're thinking of doing it.
~I'm having issues with my blood pressue. It's been really high,but the good news is it has come down a smidgeon in the past 4 days. I have been stressed out so I know that's a factor. I have 5 more weeks to see if it goes down, otherwise, I'll be diagnosed as having high blood pressure.
~Which brings me to my usual bone of contention. Prior to this past Friday I was eating horrible and not working out. Since last week we've been eating amazing. Lots of vegetables, fruit, vitamins, almond milk protein shakes. I am having issues with my knee,but since I have started to walk daily it is feeling wonderful. I get an xray done tomorrow(in my spare time) and will know if there is any damage.
~We are so excited to begin the countdown for our Christmas holiday. We are going home to Jaffray for Christmas. Everyone is excited. Christmas is always so much fun. Especially surrounded by lots of family. I think we'll be there a couple of weeks and we are even spending New Years with them. I even have a fantabulous outfit to wear. I can't wait.
~My schooling starts January 4th...I'm a little nervous, excited. I have some mixed emotions. I think I have a bit of mommy guilt happening. Lately I've been wondering how I'm going to manage to do what I do plus take on a full course load. I know I have to give up some things, but I do feel kind of sad that I won't be able to do the salad bar anymore, or volunteer at the school. Will my family feel neglected? Will Scott learn to scrub a toilet...cook a meal?
~We bought our first set of winter tires today. Notice how I said first. Next week we are buying the truck's set. Holy friggen expensive batman!! I know that it's a small price to pay for safety. I was talking to the tire guy today(not sure what a tire guy is called...???)and he told me that all the deaths that were on the highway last year were due to poor tires. Isn't that awful? A few hundred dollars could have saved some lives.
~I probably have tons of more updates, but will save it for another time. My comfy bed is calling out to me.
Answers to a couple of questions:

1) Rox asked: "Which do you think will be the grossest part of nursing?"
Oh this is easy, hairy shitty balls!"(I don't think I need to explain this do I?)
2)Tanya asked: "What kind of medication do you think we will have access so we can stick it to the ones we love?"
I wish we could have access to a truth serum. I'd have fun with that. Lately I never know what's the truth or what isn't from some people.
3) Gwen asked, "Which movies, which books, which people would you bring to a deserted Island?"
~Moulin Rouge, Grease, Legends of the Fall, and Possession.
~Away, The Bible, Alias Grace, The Bridge Across Forever
~My husband and Children.
~a laptop, tweezers, tampons, maxipads, mascara, Gosh lip gloss in nude, mirror, funky eyeliner...
You asked...hehe

Miss you all!!


Tanya said...

I like this post a made me think a lot more than the last one! He he he!

Seriously though. Syd will be getting the flu shot next week. She has asthma and in the past, her lungs have suffered the most when she's gotten sick. So I am not taking any chances. Looks though as if there won't be enough vaccine to go we shall see what next week brings! I do have faith that God will protect us...but I also know that just because I have faith, that God won't necessarily say, "you're not going to get it cause you have faith"...cause he does what he does, and its never more than we can handle...although, I don't think I can handle much more crap at this point in my life!

You are going to do awesome in school! You will be able to volunteer next year with the salad bar again! This is going to benefit your family for years to come, so one year is not a lot to think about YOU and your goals and needs!

I wish I was there when you were told that you didn't have a valid license...I think I would've been in shock, and then maybe snickered for 200 minutes (sorry) He he he!

I thank you for your made me smile...and I really needed that tonight after hearing about the "forensic" dudes looking at my husband's laptop! Ugh!

Jenny said...

As long as they aren't bringing the "blue light" out on it...hehe
I'm torn with the vaccinations once again...crap. I don't want the side effects to hurt my kids...but I don't want pneumonia to kill my child. grrrrrr

Rox said...

The whole vaccine thing is driving me completely nuts. It's the flu. Try not to get caught up in the media hype and Chicken Little mentality, just eat well, get lots of rest, take your vitamins and stay hydrated.

How funny is it that you didn't renew your drivers'? OMG I'm curious as to what you WERE doing two years ago? We should check your archives!

Some things WILL have to give when you start in January, but you know what? Start with the lame stuff, like housework. I know you can do this!

Tanya said...

Ewww...Jenny! Haha! It took me a moment!

Shan said...

We're not vaccinating...of course constantly second guessing. But I agree with Rox. It's the flu. All cases in BC have been mild. And 400 people die of seasonal flu in BC every year, and we've always survived THAT.

Hilarious story about the license.

Gwen said...

I love it that your license had expired. I was pretty proud of myself for being such a rebel last year. I let mine expire for... three days. Yeah, I'm badass.

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