Friday, October 30, 2009

Weiners and Canes

The day before the Hockeyville game the boys, my mom and I were cruising around town. I had heard that the NY Islanders were in town. While crossing over the overpass we passed a big charter bus. We could see it was jammed packed.
"It's them...the NY Islanders!" I said with excitement.
I knew that they'd probably be staying at the Best Western. The only problem is I was heading in the opposite direction. I decided we needed to drive back through Keith past Denny's and we'd head up to the hotel.
"I see the hockey sticks!!" Jonas yelled. We were brimming with excitement. My heart started to pound in exhileration.
So off we went on a quick detour to find the hockey team. It only took us a couple of minutes and we were driving past Copperside. The bus was parked in front of Denny's.
"Oh...I guess they're staying at this hotel." I said.
"I see the hockey sticks!" The boys yelled in unison. We drove up to the bus and it started to unload. Instead of hockey players it was a busload of senior citizens and the hockey sticks we saw were canes. We couldn't stop laughing!
Gavin reminded me of this story today. He was sharing with his friend this story about following the bus.
"and we THOUGHT they were holding hockey sticks...but they were holding canes. Isn't that funny?"he asked.
The boy looked at him and said, "no. It's not. It would have been funny if they were holding their weiners."he replied. (at this point I almost drove off the rode.)
"If they came off the bus eating hot dogs it wouldn't be funny...just means we followed them at lunch time."Gavin replied.
I gave a deep sigh of relief that my son didn't have a clue what this 6 year old was talking about and I quickly changed the topic.



Gwen said...

OH-kay, what?? What the heck kind of kid is this, anyway? 6 years old??! Yikes.

Tanya said...

Oh my! Lol!

Rox said...

You'd think, as the mother of three boys, that in your house weiners would be the topic of every conversation! LOL!!!

Love the story!

Cheryl said...

Jenny, you're the best. I have missed your blogs!!! You are so super busy - don't forget to breathe.

Loves, C.

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