Sunday, August 02, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I thought I'd participate once again in this week's Menu Plan Monday. Click on the above banner to be directed to this week's participants. (hosted by someone other than Laura)
In no particular order here are 7 meals for the next week:

~Turkey sandwiches with Turkey noodle soup.(somebody...cough cough...Shay...left one of our freezers open and I had to cook a turkey the other day)

~bbq hamburgers and pasta salad.

~Chicken Delish Salad

~bbq pork and beef kabobs served with corn on the cob and greek salad.

~Chicken fajitas(both chicken and peppers were on sale this week....score!!)


~bbq steak with roasted potatoes/carrots and green salad.

What's on your menu??


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...


we're on holidays this week so no menu plan.. but maybe next week :)

SueakaNana said...

hi its me, omg, do you mind if i come for the week your menu sounds delish, i will even do dishes honest i don't mind.. ok thats me done for tonight, hey i haven't seen julie for a long time either.. take care jenny...

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