Monday, August 03, 2009

Not a suitable adjective

My hubby leaned over to me tonight and with a look of love in his eyes he whispered, "babe, you actually look really pretty tonight."
"Actually??!!!" I sputtered. "You mean I don't normally?" I asked.
"Shit....not actually...not sure why that word came out."he answered sincerely.
"It was actually a proverbial slip I bet." I shot back at him.
"Huh?" he answered.
"Actually never mind." I responded.


tags: dumb things men say


Jadekitty said...

That's great.

Gwen said...

THAT is going to cost him, big time. I predict you can get at least a year's worth of guilt out of that one.

Rox said...

"Actually you're cut off."

That's actually what I'd say. LOL

C. Mitchell said...

Oh boys. Chris said to me today 'You look so beautiful - summer is really good for you. The rest of the year isn't so kind'. He was joking - but oh so not funny.
Hope you are well!

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