Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Chicken Delish Salad

One of my family's favourite summer meals is a hot chicken salad.
There's really no directions per's whatever you want to add to your salad will work.
Tonight's salad includes:
2 chicken breasts(the boys had already eaten so I only needed 2 pieces of chicken)
sliced mushrooms
red and yellow peppers
bacon strips(I usually cut them up,but didn't this time)
butter lettuce
kosher salt
ground pepper
2 cloves of garlic
and the secret ingredient....(read along and you'll find out what it is...)

In a frying pan with some olive oil start to cook your chicken. Cover the chicken
with the secret ingredient.
Grate the garlic cloves over the chicken and sprinkle with kosher salt and pepper.
Cook for a few minutes before adding the vegetables.

One of my favourite "secrets" is to use salad dressings as
marinades or quick sauces. Western family has a sweet onion
sauce that is spectacular to use with chicken as is their house
dressing(which is beautiful when used over salmon and then
So...the secret ingredient is....Kraft Pesto Parmesan Olive

Add the red peppers, yellow peppers, bacon, mushrooms(and
whatever else you may have)....
Stir frequently and sautee the vegetables and chicken until each
are thoroughly cooked.

Meanwhile in a salad bowl add butter lettuce(or whatever
lettuce you have on hand) tomatoes and cucumbers.

Add a couple tbsp of the Pesto Parmesan to the salad. Add
some pepper and a sprinkle of kosher salt. At this point
other members of your family will begin to congregate
in the kitchen and ask you what glorious food you are

When the chicken and vegetables are cooked, serve over the
salad. Top with some grated cheese(if you so desire)...serve
with a glass of merlot(or in our case a Bud Lime) and you
have a fantastic, easy and succulent Hot chicken salad.

What is some of your favourite summer dishes?


Tanya said...

It is 12:05am and now I'm hungry...thanks! :)

Looks awesome...I'm sure it tastes even better!

Gwen said...


Carebear said...

that looks delish!!


Jadekitty said...

Your flower photos are great!
I love nachos, tacos... Anything Mexican :)

JT said...

OMG that looks good. I am so disappointed that Save-On hasn't moved into SK yet, because I love Western Family stuff. Hey, is it horribly hard to find Bud Lime there? Seriously, you can't get it here because they sell out the second it comes in. Honestly, it's like the Cabbage Patch of beer, apparently.
Give me something good to do with salmon - few ideas. Any good marinades or anything you can recommend?

Anita said...

Yummo! I'm going to appear at your house for meals :)

I love bar b q salmon with bruschetta.

Christy said...

Yummy!! I am going to make this too!

What is up with that Bud Lime Beer? Everyone is drinking it nowadays!

Jenny said...

Jt, it is horrible to find the bud lime.
The sweet onion salad dressing from Western Family is awesome on is...a ranch...surprisingly enough it tastes very good then sprinkled with lemon pepper.
Christy, you should buy some...its so refreshing and I'm not the biggest beer drinker.

Volunteer opportunities said...

Chicken salad is one of our family’s summer meals too. Thank you for the ingredients. This is perfect for my friend’s birthday. I will surprise her by this. Thank you!!!

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