Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Let's Do Our Part!!

Please click here to read of a wonderful friend of mine's current problem with an adoption agency. I was brought to tears this afternoon as I heard of what is going on. This is a complete travesty and we should all band together and try to make our voices heard. I will be printing off the article and going to our MP's office tomorrow to see what he can do.
Please pray for beautiful Gwen and her family. There are strength in numbers and I know that our prayers, and voices can be heard.


Gwen said...

YOu sweet thing! Thank you so much for your support; it means more to me than you know. <3

Janelle said...

i have 3 couples that i know that are dealing with the exact same organization. so overwhelming!

Gwen said...

I was laughing this morning, thinking about how quick you picked up on this and got all fired up and ready to advocate. Are you your father's daughter or what??? haha!

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