Monday, May 04, 2009


Today I got a phonecall from the union. In conjuction with the Health and Safety Board at R*io T*into A*lcan they will be setting up a memorial bench for my dad. Our friend went over some of the details and wanted to make sure the date was a go ahead for us. The plan is that our family, along with the some of the union members will go to Radley Park and Dedicate the bench in my dad's name.
In an odd way I have excitement for this day. I wish I could erect a huge monument in honour of my dad and his greatness,but I know that this bench will be a gentle reminder of the wonderful man he was.
I'm still astounded at the love and respect the union continues to give us. My dad will be looking down at us and his brothers and sisters that day with pride.


Roxrocks said...

I love the idea of a bench to honor your dad! That's great that they are doing that. Awesome!

Sharijoy said...

Jenny Thats awesome...... Dougs mom did one for her brother and she goes there and sits and thinks and enjoys the view. She finds it comforting to still have that connection.

SueakaNana said...

Hi Jenny, that is awesome the union is doing that for your dad and his family.. We took our kids down to Radley for our school bbq and sports day, and i noticed a bench down there for another great lady Janet Condon, what a nice idea. and hey you, good luck and congrats on you going back to school..sue..

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