Monday, May 04, 2009


I'm actually feeling the urge to update. Wow. I'm almost speechless.
There are so many updates I should share. Instead of long drawn-out, run on sentences, I'll keep my updates short and to the point.
1. I'm taking my biology 12 again. I started this course 3 years ago,but never finished. At the time, it was too much for me to manage school, 3 way littler boys, and moving into a new house. So the good news is I'm at it again. The bad news is I have to be on a very regimented schedule. I could be overwhelmed by this(and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't)but I'm just going to tog along and do it one unit at a time. I kick myself for not finishing the course...ughhhh
2. I applied for the LPN course. Originally I was going to do the RN program. I was hesitant as it is a 4 year program and I just don't think it would be condusive for our family. That's a lot of school. So I was mulling over the past few months whether or not I should take the LPN and Scott and I made the decision that a one year program was the best for our family. A friend of mine will be in the course with me,so that will be an added bonus. I have my fingers crossed, and hands in prayer that I get accepted.
3. I started the walk to run program. Scott is doing it with me and I am on week 3. Currently I am walk 2.5, run 2.5 minutes x 9. (Tomorrow is x 7 and Thursday is x 8). I bought new beautiful Asics, and put in some fabulouso insoles and it's been great. I did have a bit of a shin splint yesterday,but I find Advil is great for taking the edge off. It has been awesome having Scott as my coach. He knows how to motivate me. He pushes me to my extreme and knows what I can do. We also have 45 minutes just to ourselves. No other distraction. No kids...telephones, computers. It's been awesome!(I'm saying that now as it is not a running day. Last night I told him to take the timer and shove it up his a$$) I thought we were just going to do the 8 week program but apparently Mr. Makehersweattillshedies, said we will be running 3 times a week snows. I can't even think about this,because I get overwhelmed.
I do recommend those that want to run to try the program. It's amazing.
4. I've been mostly off of white sugar. I say mostly,because I allow myself one treat meal a week. Well, Saturday's one treat meal, actually turned into a full out feast.
5. All of this running has made me lose..............................2 pounds. Seriously that number is depressing. Oh well...
6. We got our firepit built. I love it. It's simple,but will do the job. We went to the river the other night to pick up our river rock for it. Now I just have to have a good ol' fashioned bonfire.
7. My life is great. We're healthy, happy, busy and I am so excited at what our future holds for us. Bring it on!!



Roxrocks said...

Congrats on the Bio and LPN application! Way to go! You'd make a great nurse!

I fell off the treadmill again. Not literally, just FIGUREatively. LOL! I'll be here all week, try the veal!

Firepit pictures please!

Shan said...


I am so telling the DFO. You are in DEEP SHIT GIRL.

Jadekitty said...

Just keep your eyes on the goal, You can finish this course. It will be a good practice for the LPN course :)

******** said...

So proud of you Jenny! The running will start to get easier without you actually even realizing it - and almost become a little bit addictive. The new Aasics - hello they're the best - love mine. And congrats on taking your LPN - I remember you having this dream for so long - and you will be so fantastic and loving.
Keep up the great work. Run Jenny Run!
PS - maybe some day we'll do a race together.

C. Mitchell said...

Oops - that last one was from me :)

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