Monday, May 25, 2009

The Big 10

I guess hard work pays off!! I'm starting week 6 of my walk/run program and it's going good. (Other than the complaining I do as I head out the door, or feeling like my body's been run over by a steamroller daily.) Besides's ducky poo!!
Life is good these days. We are very busy,but that's good.
I'll try and update more with some pics later on tonight.
Hope everyone is great!


Roxrocks said...

Good for you! I love all your little updates on FB! It makes me laugh when you start complaining about your trainer! LOL!

So, have you adjusted your caloric intake? Are there things you are staying away from? tell me all your secrets!

Jenny said...

I haven't been eating anything processed, or no sugar. I've limited my bread and if I want a piece of toast in the morning I'm having it on the "sprouted grains". For sweetners I am using pop...trying to stay away from cheese.
Basically just eating really clean.(however with that being said there are moments of 2 revellos the other night...)

Tanya said...

Way to go!!!

Word won't "failman"...just keep on truckin!

joni said...

Awesome Jenny!! you are an amazing woman...

you motivate me .. ((hugs))

and i mean it.. you make me proud.

~Tara said...

Way to go girl!!!!

Cheryl said...

Way to go Jenny! You're doing wonderful - I need to feed off of your energy - my training, not so much lately.

PS - the new appliances - so excited. Ours are very old, don't match, suck up the hydro - so it will be very exciting to have new ones. I've been waiting for 5 years. I will send pics for sure.


Carebear said...

coolness. you still ahve to call me dude! i have free long distance anytime, so call me and ill call you back

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