Monday, May 04, 2009

These are a few of my Happy things....

I stole this meme from Inspired Room.
Below is a top 20 list of things that make me Happy:)

1. The colour blue.
2. Kisses from my hunky hubby.
3. Kisses/love from my boys.
4. a good deal when buying something/anything.
5. a sense of accomplishing something
6. listening to good music.
7. laughing with friends.
8. a clean bathroom.
9. hiking in the woods.
10. a good book.
11. baking.
12. a clean kitchen.
13. dreams for the future.
14. memories from the past.
15. a good cup of tea.
16. running with my husband.
17. the sounds of happy, healthy, active children.
18. perfume.
20. tweezers.

What makes you happy?



SueakaNana said...

Jenny what do you mean tweezers is number 20.. omg have you lost it?? I thought it would be near the top lol... and hey while I am talking to you Tasha (my daughter) has her new blog up and running thanks to Laura, her new addie is for the knitting/spinning folks thought you might like to check it out.. hope you and your men are doing well... ttyl Sue

Roxrocks said...

LOL I was going to say what SueakaNana said! I would have surely thought tweezers would be in the top five!

I may pinch this one. I'm running out of fresh ideas.

Jenny said...

I actually just did the list and added things as I remembered it really isn't based on importance...LOL...otherwise tweezers would have been #2.LOL

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