Thursday, March 12, 2009

Menopausal Post

Well after having my hubby stay for 5 days a week in Kitimat for the past 2 weeks, he's home and on holidays for 2 weeks. I haven't decided yet, if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Give me a couple of days.
The boys all got excellent report cards. I'm so proud of their successes and I'm so lucky that I have these 3 amazing children! Seamus is growing like a weed and will shortly be looking down at his dad and I. It's so amazing how fast kids grow. He's going to be 12 in 2.5 weeks...amazing. I still remember when I gave birth to him.
We are looking forward to a visit from Scott's twin bro and his wife and family. We are excited to show them the sights of our town. I can't wait for their visit.
(btw...Scott is teasing me as I write this..."what are you blogging about?"..."an update"I reply...."update?...Jenny got groceries today...Scott played video games.....not much to update babe!".....oy)
Have I mentioned I'm on the b's....vitamin b's baby and they kick some serious ass. Scott is convinced they are all a placebo and I'm just imagining the effects...whatever the case, they seem to be working for me.
I thought spring was in the air, but today it snowed. I almost cried. Now am I imagining that this is a longer winter than usual?? Anyone???
Our town was officially crowned "Hockeyville 2009". Such exciting news for our community. I am convinced that there is going be alot of hoophra concerning tickets(to the NHL hockey game) and such. I've heard some buzz in the air about who's wanting what...oy. I think we should enjoy our victory,and in the end tickets should go to the kids. Sounds simple....I'm sure it won't be.
My family is seriously addicted to Joni's oatmeal's superbly delicious! Maybe she'll post her recipe and everyone can try it out. Amazing cake.
Scott is so right....I'm grasping at straws here for an update.....
On that note...I bid you a wonderful evening. I'm off to watch ER...


Roxrocks said...

I grabbed some disolveable vitamin B12 today, they are like listerine strips. Anyway, I'll let you know if they help!

Tamara said...

I'm totally thinking the same thing about this seems like it has been winter forever. In fact, I can't even REMEMBER last summer. (Over reacting makes me feel better..)
I agree with the Hockeyville thing--the tickets should go to the kids! There are TONS of Canucks fans in Terrace (me being one of them) who would love to see the game..but come on, if I -really- wanted to see a game that bad I could sign up for an American Express card and fly myself down..a 10 year old cannot. Time will tell how many riots will occur.

Tanya said...

Maybe we'll be known as Riotville...hmmm! Stranger things have happened I'm sure!

Shan said...

All hail B Complex.

Gwen said...

IT'S NOT A PLACEBO. The discoverer of B complex has a special spot waiting in heaven. My husband would have left me by now if it wasn't for B complex.

Cheryl said...

Have a great visit with your family. I think that it's a longer winter this year too - we had snow on Monday - blizzard like snow in Victoria - in March. I liked it, not sure anyone else did.

Enjoy Hockeyville - that's so exciting. Is it the same arena that has been there forever? I remember skating and watching hockey often.

Have a great weekend!

Christy said...
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Jenny said...

I don't think Minor Hockey is getting all the tickets, nor should they.( they should get the first dibs at the tickets though...fair? I think so. Our kids are the ones that not only love watching the game of hockey, they put in the hours on the ice...) They need to come up with a fair system to distribute them amongst our community, and most specifically the kids.
I heard they were going to do raffles at the schools and I think that would be awesome. It gives each kid a fair chance at getting a ticket(and for some of these kids this will be their one and only chance at seeing them)...not the "who you know" system that seems to happen here.
I heard the Canucks will be here for 4-5 days, so we(the people of terrace) will get a chance to see them practise. Apparently they're doing some hockey clinics and such as well...I think the whole few days is going to be spectacular!!

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