Thursday, March 12, 2009

Great Post

I read this post and thought it was worth sharing. I've struggled with not fitting into the so called parameters of Christianity. I'm bothered by some Christians who look down on me,because I may swear, but in the same instance these people are gossiping, judging or being mean spirited towards others. Is this Christian-like behaviour?? I may say fuck or shit, but my love for Jesus is still unwavering. It does boil down to "judge not lest thee be judged."
We all sin, fall from Grace and falter, let's try just to love one another and accept each other for who we are.


Roxrocks said...

I like you just the way you are.

Tanya said...

You are who God made you, I am who God made me...God doesn't make mistakes. I think we all need to remember that. I know that I have not been a very kind person at times...I think we all fall into the path of being judgmental at some point in our life...I totally admit that I have done it. Just because people aren't the way WE think they should be, doesn't mean that God isn't happy with where they're at, or who they are. We will never be perfect...and I think until we all accept that, there will always be judgement and all kinds of other crap to go along with it.

Jenny said...

I agree with what you said Tanya.We need acceptance of each other...faults and all. We all sin, we do judge, but I have issues with those that look down at others faults and imperfections and judge and believe their faith is superior.
I love what you wrote about, "we will never be perfect..." This is such the truth. It's something I struggle with in myself. Always trying to be the perfect mom, wife, friend...Some days would be way easier to just accept myself for who I am faults and all.(but that's a whole 'nother post!LOL)
That post made me sad, that here's a woman that is a Christian and people are actually arguing against it. How sad is that? But in the end, all that matters is her faith with her Saviour.

Jenny said...

I think I should have worded it by saying ,"how is it different me saying fuck or shit, while some gossip....(etc), it's all imperfect behaviour!"

Gwen said...

Ditto to Roxrocks. I love you the way you are.

I wish this whole issue didn't exist. I struggle with it myself, as you know. I can't even think of a single witty thing to say about it.

Clover said...

i hear ya. the last year or so i've been swearing more than before, and i think some people are like, what's up with that?! but... i'm just relaxing more as who i am an not being so anal about what people are going to think.

in a hundred years (probably less) the f word isn't even going to be offensive (already starting to not be)... just like 'darn' used to be SUCH a BAD word.... now what is it? FLUFF!!!!! lol

Jenny said...

I have borrowed a comment that I thought was awesome and wanted to share's from the blog I linked to...and reads in part,
"Moreover, how can something like "goshdarn" be OK when everybody knows it's really replacing "Goddamn"? You replace one word with another but the intention is still there, is it not? And isn't it the intention that matters? Replacing curses with 'sugar' and 'gosh' and 'heck' doesn't make you a good Christian. i think it gives people a false sense of virtue."

Clover said...

i think a word is offensive dependent on the hearer... i don't want to offend, so if i think it might, i hold my tongue, or at least say 'pardon my french' if it's iffy... but if i know it don't bother who i'm talking to, i say it, cuz if it doesn't offend them, it's not offensive in that case.

and i think God is not offended, either. He has a lot of other things that bug Him a lot more than the transient, morphing meaning of words in the english language! i think what is important to Him is consideration of the other person, putting them before ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Ohhh Jenny, This is why I think your the greatest! Say it like it really is, and I think its cool that you swear. I in particular get a great chuckle every time I read your blog and your swearing up a storm!! I too have been know to have a slip of the tongue! Sometimes it just feels really good.
I too have judged and have realized that sometimes its my life experiences that enable me to have a better insight into what the other person is going through and wake me up to what it really means to not judge. The old saying"do not judge unless you have walked a mile in my shoes". It really is true.
Oh well I'm rambling. Not sure if it makes sense.
Love ya, Michelle

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