Friday, March 13, 2009

Murder Day 2....

Remember yesterday how I wondered how long I'd enjoy my husband being at home with us for 2 weeks...hmmm...yeah.

Well hubby decided to tackle the pantry. He's amazing at tackling jobs that I keep putting off. So I gave him some instructions on where I wanted certain things moved...etc.

Pay close attention to this next sentence. I gave him the cloths to use to do the cleaning as he's using some cleaner with bleach in it.

I just went into the kitchen to grab my water and Mr. Loveofmylife is cleaning and scrubbing under the sink with my APRIL CORNELL napkin!! I kind of hyperventilated and he said, "well I never see you use them...they kind of look too girly for my liking!!"

"ARRRRRGHHHHHH". I guess I should be grateful he does things like this for me,but oy...that line was discontinued!!!

The last time he was on a cleaning binge he decided to clean out the fishtank and used my CRYSTAL martini pitcher to take the water out and shattered it!! His response was about the same, "you don't make martinis too much!!"

Anyhow...I'm off muttering all sorts of unmentionables..........and God for the next few minutes...please close your ears!



Roxrocks said...

The only reason my husband is still alive is because he left town. I'm not kidding, nor am I exaggerating. I'll pray for you if you pray for me!

Jadekitty said...

Man down....
As much as I can appreciated when the husband washes the dishes, I always end up rewashing a third of them. I always wonder what's less effort :)

RoxRocks-I've been there.

Gwen said...

What?? How did I miss this post?

You should retaliate by dismantling his fishing rod to use as a curtain rod, or something. Hit him where it hurts, baby.

Although I admit to being impressed that he was bleaching under the sink at all.

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