Sunday, February 15, 2009

Interviewed by Mrs. Dubaya....

Jen, over at Mrs. Wilson, interviewed me via email. Here's my responses. Leave a message in the comment section if you want me to interview you....

1. What are your top five favorite songs?
"The Lady of Shalott"by Loreena McKennit, "China Roses"Enya, "Cymbeline"Loreena McKennit, "Harvest Moon"Neil Young, "Nothing Compares 2U"Sinead O'Connor.

2. Do you love living in Terrace, or is there somewhere else you'd rather live?
I love living in Terrace, because my hubby has an awesome job and we have made it our home. I love that the outdoors is at our fingertips...we are minutes away from fishing, skiing, hiking, camping, boating....all the good things. However; if Scott didn't have a job here we would have no problem leaving. Ideally I'd love to live in a little ski town(Fernie, Kimberly, Rossland) in a timber framed house!LOL...but that isn't happening!

3. If you could go on an all-expenses-paid vacation to anywhere in the world, where would it be?
Only one place???LOL...I'd love to travel to Egypt and Jerusaleum.

4. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Old???Yikes....God willing, still happily married and a mother to my 3 gorgeous boys. At that point I'm hoping we can afford for Scott to take his sabbatical(year paid leave) so we can do a once in a lifetime vacation. I'm hoping we are healthy and active, and still loving the life we are living.

5. Why do you blog and what got you started?
Originally I started blogging because I read an article that Rosie O had started one. It looked fun and different and thought it would be a fun way to communicate with our extended family.
Here's my first post...I've been at it for 4 years!

Now it's your turn....

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Roxrocks said...

I remember when Ro had her first blog at blogger...I met some of my favorite bloggers ever there. JT, Margo, Dawn, Patricia...probably you too! LOL! Those were the good old days.

And in ten years, you will not be old, you will be "vintage"! LOL!

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