Saturday, February 14, 2009

How Do I Love Thee....

This morning after my hubby gave me a sweet gentle kiss followed by a quick "Happy Valentines Day" I wandered downstairs to start my day. Sitting beside my laptop was a piece of paper with his writing on it.

"Man I love this man!" I thought to myself excited to see what he had written me.I opened the piece of paper and neatly written was:

"Come with me to the bedroom tonight
and I will give you a big delight."

Immediately I started laughing. I love this man. We both share the same sense of humour and he always knows how to 'get me'. He also left a lovely note on my facebook wall that made me smile.
He's working nights so we'll do our romantic evening either Monday night or Tuesday night. We danced to "let's get it on" yesterday afternoon. Gavin ended up joining us and then Scott explained, "when you really love your wife, you have to dance even if it's not when you want to be doing so..."(I had interrupted him during a video game requesting a dance)
I could write a million reasons why I love this man. Simply put, he loves me. He loves me Unconditionally...he's loved me through the good times and through the bad times. He's my biggest supporter. He puts our family's needs ahead of his own. He believes in me. He believes in us.
This is our 19th Valentines Day together, and it never grows old!!
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return...."~Moulin Rouge
Happy Valentines Day!!


Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

awwwww ... he's a keeper :)

Anita said...

Lovely post Jenny!!

SueakaNana said...

awww so sweet Jenny that man of yours, i came out of work on friday and yelled with delight, there was a dozen roses on the seat of my car, lol, i never get roses, he is so special that man of mine.. have a great day Sue

Gwen said...

You two are so inspiring! You seem to have a great marriage, and I love it that you laugh together. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

I love it Jenny. Thomas is a lot like that, although I didn't get a romantic note, but also had a dance in the living room that night. praise God for awesome husbands who love us unconditionally. Bitchy or not...till death due us part.


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