Sunday, February 15, 2009

What I've Learned...

1. I love to bake. I've only started baking the past couple of years. I used to be envious of those that would bake fresh goodies for their family and one day thought that I'd give it a try. I love it. I know I'm a bit old school with this next statement, but there's nothing better than your kids coming home from school and grabbing a home made goodie and sitting at the kitchen table. Ahhh...bliss...

2. It's okay to have a different opinion than others. My dad used to say to me, "you got a voice...make sure you use it!" Don't be afraid to be real and express yourself.

3. I strongly dislike back fat. Sometimes I think I should invent a bra that covers not only the boobies but the back boobies...d'ya think I'm on to something??

4. Nothing is greater than when your child says that they love you...nothing.... (and if they're saying it while sitting at the kichen table and eating a freshly baked cookie...well...hallelujah!)

5. "no pain no gain" is a good motto...until you are dealing with's a whole 'nother story!!

6. Toe hair is so not sexy.

7. I can't resist chocolate. If there is one piece in my house I'll have to eat it. Probably why my belly has been renamed "mr. potato belly"....(can make a happy and sad face in no time flat!)

8. You can never make enough money. The more money you make, the more money you want to spend.

9. I am worthy. I am beautiful. I will succeed.

10. Keep tweezers in your vehicle!! This is the BEST place to find any unwanted chin hair!! Seriously!!




Roxrocks said...

Tweezers in your vehicle, Jenny, you are hilarious!

Gwen said...

re: no.3 -- Can I put in an advance order? I'll take 3.

I was just thinking yesterday that Spanx needs to come out with a full-back product for the top half.

Anonymous said...

I always loved that about you jenny.You are who you are and are not afraid to express how your feeling and what you believe, or what your struggling with. How refreshing to be around. Love ya, girl!!


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