Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hockey Night in Canada...Live from Terrace BC!!!

As most know Terrace made the top 5 for Hockeyville 2009 bid!! CBC is coming into town tomorrow and one of the events they will be filming will be at Gavin's Timbits game. The riverkings are coming out to play with them so the kids are super stoked. If you live in Terrace please come out to support these little guys. Ice time is 5:45pm in the new arena!!
Saturday night the timbits are playing during the first intermission at the Riverkings vs. Hazelton playoff game. Tickets are selling super fast so if you want to come and see an amazing game and feel the true atmosphere of hockey spirit grab your tickets. Gavin is super stoked. For those coming to the game look out for him at the first intermission, he's number 10.
Today I had a small cry as I was thinking about my son's love for the game of hockey. My dad LOVED hockey. He watched every game, and listened to sports talk every night before he went to bed. I know that he'd be in his GLORY knowing that Terrace was going for Hockeyville 2009, and that the CBC crew was filming his Grandson's team and team mates! I'm sure we'll feel his smiles and joy tomorrow afternoon!!
Hope everyone is doing great. Remember to tune in to Hockey Night in Canada Saturday and see the clips of what our amazing town has to offer!!
Terrace is Hockeyville!!!

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