Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today I picked Gavin up from kindergarten and he came running up to greet me. In his hand he had made a new art project that I knew he'd tell me about.
"Mommy!"he exclaimed, "see what I made?" He asked.
"I sure do! It's awesome!"I answered.
"It's a jellyfish!"he smiled."and see those long pieces that are hanging down?"he asked.
"Yes they are pretty!"I responded admiring the long dangling pieces of coloured tissue paper.
"Those are its testicles!"He answered.
"I think you mean tentacles sweetie!"I said holding back the laughter.
At home when his dad woke up he showed him his prized art.
"And look has lots of testicles!"he boasted.



joni said...


Charlene said...

I love it! I can see you holding back the laughter! Kids are wonderful!

Gwen said...

Awesome. It reminds me of hearing about how Magellen circumsised the world with a 40 foot clipper.

Roxrocks said...

I'm glad you are blogging the Gavin-isms! I love the things that kids says!

Tanya said...

Oh're awesome!

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