Monday, February 09, 2009

All is Quiet on the Western Front

I keep meaning to blog,but then I get to the computer and have zilch, nothing, nada....
I just weighed myself tonight(which I usually do Monday mornings) and I've lost 13 pounds!! I'm happy about my weight loss,but after watching Biggest Loser sometimes I feel a little discouraged. Scott's friend's wife is a personal trainer and I think I am going to hire her so that once a month she can show me new exercises to challenge me. The other day at the gym I did intervals of running one minute/walking one minute for 25 minutes. It was an awesome workout. Friday night I went for a run/walk. It was a little hard on the legs and I didn't do as well as I would have liked but it is a start. I'm officially starting the run/walk program at the end of February. My knee is feeling way better so I'm ready to kick it up a notch. My eating the past 2 days wasn't exactly body for life worthy,but I didn't completely overindulge. (that's what I'm trying to tell myself!!)
This week has been a week of infections. I had a zit on my nose that looked like it was a big friggen cold sore...maybe it was?? Gavin had an infection and Jonas had pink eye! Oy...thankfully the antibiotics have kicked in for both boys and they are on the mend. And yes, I'm happy to report that my zitacular eyesore has's almost gone!(Thank you Lord...and yes, is it bad that I did pray for my Father to rid me of this zit???)
I'm certainly hoping that spring is in the air. Somedays it feels like it and the next it is snowing! I told Scott the other day that we should just sell everything and then move to Spain. We could set up a little hacienda and then just be travelling Spanish-wannabe gypsies. Hubby dearest just laughed at me...little did he know that I wasn't exactly kidding!
Does everyone have wonderful Valentines Day plans?? Oh how I love Valentines Day!!! Scott asked me what I wanted and I told him a lovely poem written from his heart, and a dance...nice slow dance...his response..."yah I know about the dance, you make me do that every year,but I can't remember how to write a poem!"He better be joking...(he has written me lovely heart felt poems that I keep in a cardboard box that says, "love letters"....I know that someday my boys will find them and read through them and giggle and wonder, "dad wrote these???")He works on Valentines Day so I think we will go out the night before. I wish Terrace had more selection. I also wish we had a lounge or a piano bar. When we lived in Whistler(100 million moons ago)we used to visit the piano bar often. It was so romantic...
My 20 year grad reunion is coming up this July. I'm looking forward to seeing some old friends. Being as vain as I am, I'm certainly hoping my gut and ass starts to shrink down. I can't use the pregnant card this time. At my ten year I was six months pregant and my friends said, "you look so good for being 6 months pregnant, "and then I'd whisper to Scott, "yeah...little do they know I look like THIS when I'm not pregnant!" It should be fun though. The last month or so I might have to resort to the Body Wrap. To save money I could just buy some bulk saran wrap and start wrapping....they say it works?!! Truthfully, I'll be okay with where I'm at in July.
I've been a bit of a recluse these days. It seems like all I do is workout, sometimes clean, go on facebook, read blogs, sometimes parent, drive my kids to their activities, cook, cook, sometimes bake...I think I need to have a girls night so I can catch up with everyone. A "spring ahead" party....
We spent the weekend with my mom and it's nice to just go and laze away at her house. We all had fun playing video games. Scott was in his glory because my mom has the old arcade game for her ps2. Gavin loved the singsong and it was cute hearing him sing along to the songs. He'd sing and then say, "I suck"...sing and then say..."aww I suck" and so on and so on.(and yes I did reassure my 5 year old that he "most certainly did not" suck!!)
I went for a visit to my mom's last week and on the way there(it was just me and Gav)Gavin said, "mommy I sure do miss Grampa."
"I miss him too Gavin."I said smiling.
He was silent for a couple of minutes and then he said, "mommy clouds sure make some weird shapes."
"I know they do. I love staring up at the clouds."I replied.
"Mommy, that cloud is shaped like a's waving at me!! I think Grampa just heard I missed him and he's waving at me from heaven!"he said with pure excitement.
"He sure is!!"I said choking back the tears.
He spent the rest of the drive to K*itimat looking up at the clouds, trying to see one more wave from heaven. He shared that story a few times this weekend. Each time with such excitement and pure exhileration.
My sweet boy.
When Gavin's timbits team played at the 1st intermission at the Riverkings game Scott, my mom and I all commented how much my dad would have loved to be there. I told my mom that he'd show us somehow that he was "there" with us. One of the first songs they played during the game was the Rolling Stones, "Start me Up". My mom looked over at me and we both shed a couple of tears. He was the biggest Rolling Stones fan...
Anyhow that's all I have. I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentines Day. Take the time to write down in a card or on a piece of paper, what your significant other means to you. That is the best gift you can give. Remember that we aren't guaranteed a tomorrow, so make sure that on this day they truly know.(and this shouldn't just happen on Valentines Day!!! It should be mentioned daily or even weekly).
I'm off to bed...


Roxrocks said...

I'm glad that you and your family are taking moments in your day and missing your dad and remembering that is IS here with you all. Just not in the same way.

Valentine's day? Just another day usually...Derwood will buy chocolates and a couple of cards but really, I don't need the chocolate this year.

I'm proud of you for working so hard! I haven't gotten on my treadmill once since the new year. I'm quite pitiful. Even the Wii fit says so! LOL! Oh well!

Tamara said...

lol You're awesome..and congrats on the weight loss!! BL tends to discourage me too because they don't exactly tell us ALL these people do is monitor their calories and go to the gym 17 1/2 times a day.

That is the sweetest story ever--the hand waving in the clouds :)

Jadekitty said...

I've totally been a hermit here too, it's too cold to go outside unless I have too. Hope you have a great Valentines day!

Cheryl said...

hello - I have missed reading about you and your day. I hope you have a great Valentine's Day - and it is romantic and lovely.

Congratulations on the weight loss! That is excellent Jenny! You should totally get the trainer, it is so worth it. Maybe even try it once every two weeks just to keep you motivated and you doing different things.

Praying about your 'zitacular' I have done the same thing (not about a pimple though) many, many times before.


Carebear said...

LOL about the zit!
It's so hard not to compare ourselves! and don't go doing that with a TV SHOW! they are under EXTREME PRESSURE! You're doing amazing. I love how you just keep plugging away at it....THAT"S HOW WE SUCCEED! is to just keep getting on that horse, regardless of the imperfections!

Hope you all get healthy soon.
and the best romantic poem you've ever read!!!!

joni said...

i love you.

Shan said...

I have no plans for Valentine's Day...

but I might see if Gav's turtle is free.

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