Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Snap, Crackle, Pop...

Note the greasy looking mess that lay beneath the
black tempered glass....gross!!

"Snap, Crackle Pop" was all I heard when I was reaching for a casserole dish in my cupboard. At first I thought there was a bowl of rice krispies somewhere until I looked down and saw small little black specks crackling out of my oven door. It's like they were popping out. It was actually kind of freaky. I called my hubby downstairs and we watched in amazement at the glass door breaking away from the cold steel oven. I actually should have videotaped it. It was entertaining.
I have no clue why this happened. I turned the oven on to heat it up to make a casserole. I'm very thankful that one of my kids weren't around to get some oven door schrapnel affixed to them.
This stresses me. One month til Christmas!(insert very very bad words here!!) I went online for a bit today to see if I could find a replacement glass for it,but it is an older model oven. I don't want to buy the oven that we really want because we can't afford it right now,so it just leaves me in limbo. I don't want an oven for Christmas!!!(Insert 3 bad words here...whatever you like! I like them really bad!)
I have to keep concentrating on positivity. "the greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return...."

Things happen for a reason. There are way more stresses in life for some people. An oven should not be one of them. Worst case scenario we'll live off of stove top cooked foods and the crockpot. (Scott thinks we could still bake in the oven. I'm afraid to try....if that's the case it'll be years before we'd replace this one. Just like our friggen running toilet!Oy!!) Maybe this will get me from having to cook the turkey dinner this year!!!;)
Hope everyone is good!


Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

OH NO! That is horrible! You know, when we moved into our kitchen, NONE of the appliances worked. We had to cook food in an electric skillet. Good times! Hope it all works out for you. Maybe Santa would bring an oven. If you were nice this year. :-D


Roxrocks said...

I'd be happy with a new oven. Of course, I'm the lady who hates flowers and loves new appliances and tools, so take that into account.

I have this cool roaster/heat table thing my MIL bought me a few years ago. They are great for Turkeys! Even if you could pick up one of those (try London Drugs or WalMart) for the meantime.

Tanya said...

Wow...I can't believe it! I also can't believe that you two sat there and watched it...I would've been far from that thing because I'd be afraid that it would blow up in my face!!!

I wouldn't want an oven for christmas either. I hope you can get things figured out...I guess "Martha Stewart's" going to have to stop her baking for a while;)

Word verification...'festil' that like festive or more like after the in being ill...Lol!

Jenny said...

Rox, the only reason I say that is we're getting a new camera for Christmas, and the oven I want is pricey (and so is the camera)so I'd rather wait a couple of months and get the oven I really wanted.

Gwen said...

You're so right about not trying to still use it. You'd be stuck with it for another several years!!!

It's a cherished dream of mine that my stove will blow up and need to be replaced. I'd get a convection oven so fast it would make Mr Gwen's head spin. I think I'd stick with regular elements, rather than the glass top though, because I use Cast Iron a lot. Although the smooth top is nice to clean, and I hate burner foil things. So messy.

Clearly I have put way too much thought into something that hasn't happened yet... Yes I dream about new appliances... LLLLLLOSER!

Jenny said...

The oven works!!
So I guess that means I'll be using this for another 2 years!!!

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