Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Snowflake

My mom gave me this beautiful Swarovski crystal snowflake tonight. Right before she gave it to me she said, "Dad loved Christmas. He'd want us to enjoy the holidays. I'm actually getting excited for them. I bought this for you in memory of dad." So of course I started to shed a couple of tears. On the way home I was thinking about what this snowflake symbolized.
The year 2008 had many note worthy events that occured. For me, 2008 represents the hardest year I have ever had to deal with. It also represents change, love, life and death. It's a year that will never be forgotten.
The snowflake itself represents beauty like no other. Originality. No two snowflakes are alike. There is a freshness about a snowflake and at the same time fraility. The same can be said about life. The crystal shines beautifully, a reminder of my dad's memory living on and shining brightly. It even represents my home time. K*itimat's symbol is the snowflake...."people of the snow."
I'm ready for 2008 to be over with,but I know that this year was a life changing one for me and my family. It was dad's time to go. Our time to grieve. Our time to take into account what is important,and to realize that the only important matters in life are love and family.
So this Christmas I will look at my beautiful crystal snowflake and be reminded of all that is important. I'll think of it and smile softly as I remember my dad during the holidays knowing that he is still shining down on us.

Here's a couple of pics of the poinsettias that we sold for a cub fundraiser....

I think most(there is one lone ponsettia non-lover that I know...I won't mention names though...) would agree they are beautiful!

Hope everyone is getting into the holiday mode!


Adrienne said...

Hi Jenny -
I came here from The Inspired Room and I'm so glad I found you. Your post touched me heart. What a beautiful ornament in memory of your father. My dear father died nearly six years ago and the tears still fall at times. I wish you a wonderful holiday season as you reflect on your memories and enjoy that precious gift from your mother. I'm sure it will be a treasure for you always.

Mom2fur said...

I love to look at my ornaments and think of the story behind them. Your snowflake is such a beautiful reminder of your dad! It really does show how unique we all are...and how fleeting time is. I lost my dad 22 years ago, and my in-laws within the past decade, as well as two brothers. I sure miss them all, but thank goodness for memories!

Roxrocks said...

LOL I wonder if I was the flower hater you were thinking of. Pointsettas are totally different though, they are in dirt so they are ok in my book! (I ordered one from Leener as a fundraiser too!)

2008 was hard on our family too...losing my MIL was the toughest thing I've ever gone through. Christmas will be tough this year without her.

Jenny said...

Rox, I thought about you when I posted. I'll be thinking of your family as well as you deal with your MIL's absence during the holidays!!
Big hugs my friend!

Gwen said...

I saw Lisa's pointsettia (sp?) last night and had to repress a shudder.

I'm sorry it's been such a rough year. There's not much I can say to help, but know that you're loved and prayed for! {{hug}}

Arleen said...

I came to visit you from The Inspired Room. I've enjoyed seeing your lovely holiday decor and especially love the crystal ornament! Happy Holidays to you. ~Arleen

Dani said...

Beautiful ornament and post. {{hugs}} Take care. Dani

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

That is a beautiful ornament! I love what it symbolizes too...that is such a beautiful and positive way to look at the holidays. Thanks for sharing!


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