Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Better Late than Never...

Here's our menu for the next few days:
~butter chicken(tonight)
~Butter chicken wraps(tomorrow)
~ Halibut, and seasoned potatoe wedges..side green salad.
~Meat balls, jasmine rice,and caesar salad.
~Smoked Salmon Salad, garlic Bread
~Chicken Fajitas

The butter chicken was superb, like usual. I made tons so there is a lot left over for wraps tomorrow.
Hope everyone has a great week of eating!!!


Nin said...

yum! can I come for supper?

joni said...

oye me too!!

seea at 12:30!!

marla said...

butter chicken wraps? you, my dear, are brilliant. mm.

Gwen said...

You need to post your recipe for butter chicken. Mine is okay, but it's got lots of room for improvement!

Jenny said...

Joni has an awesome butter chicken recipe. Shamefully, I use the packet found at SOM...we love it though!!

SueakaNana said...

ok do you still have halibut or do you have fresh again. i'm down to my last package i think, crap i need to get some more. and those crackers sound devine, must try those to. i am a cracker girl, don't care for bread. i do like spinach wraps tho, if i feel the need for bread. hope you are doing just fine, and good luck with the walking i have beeen so f*&^( lazy must get going, but its so cold, i'm not like you do it thru whatever weather Jenny way to go!!

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