Monday, April 28, 2008

Garage Sale Items...

We will be hosting a fundraising garage sale for this fantastic woman and her family. This is a shout out to anyone in the Kitimat/Terrace area. If you are able to donate some good junk for this worthy cause, please email me and I'll give you the details. If you are unable to transport the item(s) I will also be able to pick up the item(s) that you want to donate.
Thanks so much!!
Let's all pitch in as a loving community and help this family get a little closer to their dream of bringing home their 2 babies from Ethiopia!! A little help does go a long way!!!


Gwen said...

Ooooh, where did you find that great pic? I looked all over and just ended up with a crappy cartoony one.

Thanks for the support.

Ames said...

Thanks for helping out my sis, Jenny. If I were there I would put my Suburban to use and pick up stuff, too.

joni said...

yeah jenny you rock ..
and whatever you need i can help too..
i have a junk junk junk... a truck .. good actually i could make and bake a bunch of sweet treats as well..

*Hey..just a thought but for those that don't have a tonne of junk to get rid of .. baking sold at GS rocks... really.*

ANyways.. count me in for at least two big jars of cookies...choc and raisin... and then maybe something else..i always want a big sticky bun...but then i will have to bring my coffee urn.... haha.. oh i love garage sales!!!!!!!i cant wait to see all the treasures ...whoot whoot

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