Friday, May 02, 2008


If you haven't tried this crispbread, you better grab yourself a box the next time you're in the grocery store!! Scott and I are addicted to this one. Top it with a slight dab of butter and some havarti/tomato basil cheese and you have a perfect snack.
Sounds like I'm doing an infomercial. I was just making Scott's lunch for work and remembered I wanted to blog about this. I just finished salivating over a picture of a piece of cake(don't you sometimes wish we had scratch and sniff technology on the computer screen!!)at my friends' blog...I guess food is on my mind!!!
Hope all is well!


Gwen said...

The last box of Ryvita I bought sat in the cupboard for literally three or four years. I might try these, though; the havarti/tomato/basil sounds really yummy!

marla said...

Danny and I really like Ryvita topped with PB and Nutella. Divine! I used to eat them a lot when I did Weight Watchers.. a thin layer of light herbed cream cheese topped with thin pieces of cucumber or bell pepper strips. mm.

THANKS for linking our site.. very exciting! (the cake is from The Orangery at Kensington Palace in London.. I went for tea by myself and this is what I enjoyed. Divine!)

Tanya said...

These are good...I've tried them before as well! I really like them with the smoked salmon cream cheese.

Christy said...

I love these!!!!

SueakaNana said...

hey jenny i bought these, stuck them in the back of the cupboard, out of mikes way haha, he found them, i went in to get three for my lunch and wow half the box was one, and i cringe at the thought but i really hope he didn't ruin them by putting peanut butter on them hehe. i just ate mine plan..ttyl

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