Friday, November 02, 2007

The Blues...

Hello Everyone....
The past few days have been pretty crappy. Halloween was fun though. The boys and I went out and took one of Josey's friend. We had a great time..even though we got rained on.
Besides that I haven't been in a great mood. (a mixture of a few things) The other day I had a major crapola of a computer crashed(NOOOO!!), my dishwasher leaked, my sirius satellite wasn't working properly, my cellphone wasn't working properly, my cable wasn't working great, had to get someone in...I think God was playing with me. Telling me to take a couple of looey days away from the electronics and high tech gadgets. So I felt good.
I'm still in a crappy/sad mood. Not sure why. I felt better by going for a walk last night and getting fresh air. This morning I worked out on the elliptical first thing and felt awesome.
Scott's off tomorrow which will be nice. We bought Spiderman 3 and are going to watch it with the boys tomorrow night.
Anyhow that's all the updates for now. Hope all is well!

Oh computer. I thought we had a virus, because the computer basically got stuck on an ebay page and then shut down. Took it to the computer guy and the diagnosis was:"Cleaned up the heavy dust build up from inside of the tower. The motherboard chipset and case fan were not turning due to the dust build up. Cleaned out the inside of the tower."
Ummm...I've dusted the outside of the tower,but never knew you were supposed to remove dust from the inside! That was almost 4 years of dust buildup!! Holy kidding the computer didn't work!!LOL
I told you my biggest weaknesses were dusting and laundry...and don't get me started on my laundry situation these days!!LOL


Gwen said...

Aww, Jenny! Sorry to hear you're blue. Things have been rotten here, too, for various reasons. I just keep repeating my mantra: MUST. THINK. POSITIVE. THOUGHTS. When I'm back up and around we must go for tea!

Jenny said...

Yes, I'll give you a CALL!!!LOL
You can come anytime for tea!

Tanya said...

I hope you feel better soon...something seems to be going around, I swear. Things will get better...they always do!

RoxRocks said...

Feel better Jenny! Go read JT's birthday message to me, it will make you laugh!

I've got the same appliance jinx lately. Everything I touch falls apart.

Get a can of compressed air. Blow it inside every so often. Into your tower, that is. It will keep the dust bunnies at bay!

Charlene said...

So good to hear it wasn't a virus. We had the same thing years ago. Now Adam cleans out the inside with the air stuff and checks the fan on a regular basis. Come to think of it, I am pretty sure that was why we had to replace our motherboard at one point, too. We didn't even know there was a fan attached or something of the sort!
Sorry to hear things are not grand. Hoping to pay you a visit on Tuesday and I have been looking forward to our visit for far too long so I hope it actually happens this time. Love you Girl!

Gwen said...

I didn't know about the dusting, either. I'm going to have to get out the manual and give it a try!

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