Sunday, November 04, 2007

Idea for Gwen and Joni

I've got some big wine barrels...we could get the wine liquered up and then when they pass out,we'll remove them...
Although just realized that this may become more of a problem, we may create some wineaholic mice!
Hey...I'll bring over the wine to each of your homes and we'll get drunk on it together and then the mice won't be a problem!
Easy solution!


RoxRocks said...


Gwen said...

Fantastic! Let's do it! They sure are cute. (But I still hate them.)

joni said...

that was so great ..i wanted to watch more!!lol

we caught one huge guy the other day,

and i do believe we may have a weasel in our mist. (YAAYY i love mr weasel..he eats all the mice up)

Joy said...

Oh, that was soooo funny!

...and the mice are too drunk to care! lol

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