Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Time Travel Tuesday...

This week we're traveling back to our most memorable Halloween! Thanks to Annie for hosting the Time Travel Tuesday!
Growing up, Halloween was really about finding a costume(with lacklustre enthusiasm)going out and getting the MOST candy we could possibly find. That was it for me. It wasn't until I was much older did I gain a different perspective on Halloween!
When my oldest son was 6 months old my husband and I were very excited about his "first" Halloween. Obviously a 6 month old isn't going to be having any treats, but we were very enthusiastic about going out as our new family. Instead of doing an individual costume Scott and I decided we wanted to dress up with a theme. We wanted something easy,(I'm all about easy costumes!)and immediately came up with a fun idea. We were going to be the "3 amigos".
We each had a sombrero, poncho and a painted mustachio. Off we went to have our first Halloween together. We only went to our families homes,but we had so much fun. Every house we went to we were enthusiastically greeted. Scott and I even had our own rendition of a 3 amigos two step that we showed off to people. It was an evening full of high energy and laughter. Actually Shay(our oldest boy) was kind of oblvious to it all, but Scott and I thoroughly enjoyed the evening. After trick or treating we met up with our family and we all had hot chocolate and sorted through our treats. It was a night of simple fun.
During that evening we met up with other friends' children who had such pride and joy explaining their costumes. I got to see the creativity of kids and of parents.
For the first time ever I actually had fun on Halloween. It didn't matter about candy, or even an elaborate costume. All that mattered was the simple fun us 3 amigos had.
Our family looks forward to Halloween every year. We visit the Heritage house(a local museum that gets decorated for Halloween) trick or treat at the Senior's home, and trick or treat on a couple of streets.
The best time is always afterwards as we are reflecting on our night, with a cup of hot chocolate and a handful of goodies!


Nancy Face said...

Your story was so cute and fun to read! I bet your family was the cutest 3 Amigos ever! :)

KC said...

I bet that was the cutest thing ever. DH and I don't dress up.. We have been together for 18 1/2 years(that is when we started dating) we have been Married for 13 years and 1 day. and to this day we have only dressed up twice and that was back when our church was having the fall harvest parties and a Hobo cookout and was to dress as Hobos. I might have to find those pictures and use them for my throwback thursday post LOL..
what a wonderful memory you shared with us today, thank you.

Gwen said...

I'm all emotional today, and cried and snotted all over this entry. Good post!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

That did sound like a bunch of fun! I bet it was equally fun for those who answered their doors and got to see the 3 amigo's dance!

annie said...

How fun!!!
Thanks for sharing your memories!

Sharijoy said...

I think I haver a pic of you and shay and scott from the amigo day!! were you here then??? Its sooooo true about the family thing...its sooo great! Don't think Dug and I will be coming tomorrow thanks anyway! we'll catch you maybe next time! talk to you in the AM

Theresa said...

What a great story! I like how you got together for hot chocolate, I am sure your children will remember that for years to come!

Chunks said...

My favorite costume was when Darin and I dressed up as bunches of Grapes, using balloons for the grapes. It was hilarious! Someone said to me "He must really love you to put on a pair of purple tights!" hahah!

I love Halloween!

joni said...

Hey you all..

our beloved Jenny is having her pc fixed and will post as soon as she can again.... sigh.. i took this upon myself to let her faithful followers know what was with the lack of posting.

miss you like crazy Jenaliscious

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