Monday, October 08, 2007

It's Not All a Bed of Roses...

Just thought I'd do a quick post before I give the boys their baths and finish making the cookies for the next couple of days. I have to say that the last couple of months my moods before Aunt Flow's visit is absolutely horrible! On Saturday Scott and I had the most rip roaring of a fight and I can't really remember what it was about. Oh yeah...I do know. I had spent a couple of hours cleaning my bathroom(basically it's only my stuff in the bathroom so Scott even refers to it as "your bathroom"). This involved purging all the products that I don't use anymore, and sorting, organizing and scrubbing. I was quite proud of my accomplishment. I took out 4 small plastic shopping bags(safeway) of garbage out of the bathroom. It looked fantastic. Scott came in after fishing and then I mentioned, "did you notice my bathroom?" I like praise. I know some will say I shouldn't expect praise from anyone but I need to feel like I did a cat's ass job in cleaning..his response, "Uhh...yah...!"("Yah?" What kind of response is that?"I said to myself.) I gave him the "GLARE"....
Then I had prepared some Naan with mozza cheese and hummus for all of us to snack on and Scott said , "you gonna eat all of that?"
Okay this response set me into full blown PREMENSTRUAL hissy fit. I calmy sent the boys (I think the boys knew by my glaring eyes they were to vacate) downstairs with their share of the Naan and hummus and then mama let loose. I think I mentioned things from 15 years ago that he did that suddenly have irritated me. It was ugly, not just ugly but fugly to the bone. Scott snarked back that he wasn't being rude, but didnt' know if I could eat all of the Naan and realized as soon as the words came out that they were wrong. He apologized...I apologized and cried, and cried and cried. The only save in grace was he went into OT that night and it gave me time to reflect on my mood before I had to go luauing.
I was a nasty BEYOTCH! Why do I need someone patting me on the back saying, "good job clean well?" Why do I let PMS get the best of me??
So with the arrival of Aunt Flow yesterday I was back to myself.
I've noticed that not only am I having Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, but two weeks later I'm having Post Menstrual Syndrome. WTF??? So basically I've become a moody, pain in the ass, royal beyotch!!!
Oy...had to vent!!!
This post is intended as a way of venting. In no way am I inferring that I am in an unhappy marriage or that I am living an unhappy life. I have a wonderful, real marriage, but it ain't all a bed of roses...(maybe one week of the month!)...warning this post may cause a sense of irritability....

Hope all is well!!


Gwen said...

Your n.b. at the end is amusing, it's funny that we women vent and then tack on a disclaimer that all is well.

We had a stupid fight on Sunday; on the way home from church Usko was saying, "I'm going for a run this afternoon, it's been almost a year since I ran. What a great day for a run! I'm so stoked!"
And I completely rained on his parade and said, "Well, since you invited [our friends] over for pie tonight, I hope you know that you're going to clean up before going anywhere." ...And it all went downhill from there. What a nice wife, how supportive and kind.

Pen said...

Somedays ya gotta do that to appreciate all the good stuff.

((((Jenny and Scott)))) PMS IS A BITCH!

Love the post and the n.b.
xo Pen

Christy said...

I am so glad after reading this post that we are not the only ones!! Normal people fight!

And I have to say I can also relate with the PMS...aunt flo has returned after not having it for 17 months and it came back with a vengance!

Chunks said...

Um, welcome to the club. For $19.99 plus shipping and handling I will send you a Bitch Club T-shirt.

I'm the President.

paleraven50 said...

ok jenny don't laugh to hard at me first of all it went right over my head, i thought you were really expecting a lady named aunt flo to come to your house haha, it was referred to as Per. on my calendar back in the days when i had to keep track and Mike would set me off by looking at that calendar and saying oh now i know why blah blah, it would either end up with me in tears or swearing at him. it has been awhile since aunt flo has been at my house almost one year and i am probably going to jinx myself now, but hopefully she stays away for good!!!!

Connie said...

feeling with you!!! try vitamin B!! does wonders for "thee" mood! :)

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