Monday, October 08, 2007

Meal Plan

Instead of doing a day to day meal plan I will plan out 7 meals that we will be eating and then choose the night before(or the day of) what we will be eating. This way I can include Scott in the decision making of what he wants to eat.
Here's the meals:
Monday: Leftovers from Turkey dinner(mmm....My mom's the best...gave us the biggest casserole dish full of leftovers!!)
~Chicken Stir fry
~Salmon burgers(no buns) with
Spinach Salad.(Click on the spinach salad for the link to the recipe...scroll down Shari's page a bit until you see the Crunchy Spinach Salad recipe).
~Halibut, sweet potatoes, and broccoli.
~Steak, rice and zucchini and asparagus.
~Sausage rice casserole(not sure of the name, my mom is giving me the's delish!)
~Chicken ceasar salad.

There it is...nothing too exciting.

There you have it.


Sharijoy said...

i'm interested in the sausagerice casserole recipe!!!

Jenny said...

I'll let you know what it is tomorrow. It's easy and good.

joni said...

just read through your entries.. have i told you i think your wonderful? cant wait for our walk.. hang in there girlfriend.

My life said...

sister you crack me up, that last post was hilarious. You were a ray of sunshine today at coffee, and thats all that matters! lol..

Janelle said...

i would ALSO love the recipe, it sounds sooo good!! :) and the pictures you took below are just beautiful Jenny! wow. you guys live in some amazing country.

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