Wednesday, February 21, 2007

To Blog or not to Blog...That is the Question...

I have read on a few blogs lately people contemplating ending their blogs. To blog or not to blog is a personal decision. I honestly cannot imagine not having blogging in my life.
Originally I started to blog to keep our family posted on the day to day activities of our boys. I am not sure if any family member actually reads this blog anymore. I think some may stop by occasionally,but not on a frequent basis. I find that I am not sharing lots of updates with my children. I share the odd funny story or cute picture, but mainly I have found this has become my place to share about my days...chin hair and all.
I say "most" because I don't share everything. Very personal issues I have learned not to share here. I also have certain rules I have made up for myself. I don't blog if there are dirty dishes laying around. Sounds kind of funny,but I find once I get on the computer reading my dailies, I may be on the computer for awhile, and who wants to leave the computer at midnight to a dirty kitchen?
Another rule I have is that the majority of my blogging is done in the evening...after the kitchen is cleaned, the floor is swept and the lunches are made. Sometimes I have an urge to share so I do the lunches after my blogging,but I like to do everything before hitting the computer.
I say the majority,but in the day if I have a crisis(like today)I just have to be lenient on my rules.
Blogging has opened so many doors for me. I have "met"(some physically some not...)a lot of wonderful friends. I have even remet friends. I love the encouragement that I get from everyone. You are all a blessing.
Tonight I shed a couple of tears for someone I never met whose family is facing the ugliness of cancer head on. I had a few moments to reflect on this horrible disease. Just last week my very good friend lost her best friend to cancer. She was only 37. I have had a hard time this week trying to be as supportive as I want to for her. What do you say? All I could say was I loved her and I was sorry for her pain. My heart breaks for these families that are affected....

Back now to blogging....
Oh blogging..."how do I love thee?...Let me count the ways..."
~I love the bloggerships I have made. These pals are amazing.
~Where else could I post a picture of my fridge...or my teeth...and no one is fazed??
~I love Shout-Outs to my friends....Why pick up the phone? "Shout out"
~Who needs to buy a card? A quick post about your friend or better yet a video, will beat any card!!
~A sappy love note to my husband justifies him not getting a new fly fishing rod!(at least in my books!)
~I can BOAST as LOUD as I want to how much I LOVE my husband! Most will just think I'm a little lovesick and know there's no ulterior motive in my boasting.(If I'm having a bad day I tend to focus on the positive aspects in my you probably have noticed there's been a few bad days in my bloglife) For those that do question...I will boast louder.
~I can make up some new words whenever my heart so desires.
~I can call myself whatever I want...hence the name Mamaliscious.
~Chances are if you live in our town, alot of people happen to be reading your blog and I'm probably reading theirs! Instant sisterhood! Probably why the cashier at Safeway smirks at me everytime I go through her register.
~If I want I can embarass my husband by posting some funny story about him...who knows who may be reading at his work?!
~I can bore you all with talk about paint and my dreamlists...and get supportive comments!
~I can get support from all of you when I need to vent and have a rant. It's nice to know that having verbal shit storms are all part of a healthy and happy marriage.
~I can share Ross and Donna stories....
~it's better than reality tv...(I'd pick a Chunks story over a tv show)
~Menu Plan Mondays...who doesn't like to know what someone's eating for a week?!
~and last but not least I love tens...etc...

I think that what I love most about blogging is the support I get and that this is my place to be me....quirks and all.
So for blog or not to blog...there is no question...I'm Bloggin' it on baby!
Have a great night!


org junkie said...

Oh Jenny, I'm so sad for Annie. This wasn't the news we were expecting. I don't think there are words, just prayer and lots of it. I just don't understand this ugly disease or why they can't find a cure.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

So sorry I haven't been around much lately but I for one am VERY happy you blog and hope you keep right on blogging for years and years to come :)

Gwen said...

I simply couldn't face the day without checking your blog, Jenny! In fact, being cut off from Blogger was the main reason I imbibed so many Singapore Slings in Jamaica... it was a desperate cry for help.

I love blogging, plain and simple. The best, the absolute best, for me was when I didn't think anyone was reading my blog. I could write anything in the world I wanted, and be more honest than I ever am in real life. I kind of lost that joy after getting some rebuking emails, and my blogging is much more guarded these days. Kind of sad, but I do find the whole posting process so cathartic!

Anyway. Nothing like hogging someone else's comment space with my own thoughts. Sorry!

Conclusion: I so totally love your blog! Don't stop! I laughed all day about the Billy Goat Gruff chin. In fact, I'm still laughing!

Chunks said...

I only have one rule about my blogging. No pictures of the kids. That's my only hangup, everything else is open season. Toots, poops and all that other fun stuff woohoo! Hooray for the blogging!

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