Wednesday, February 21, 2007

...And not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin(s)...I'll blow this house in!

Still no tweezers. I've been cleaning this freakin' mudder fajokin' house and no sign...
Oh well.
That's not what has got my blood boiling.
My boys are PIGS!!! I feel like the big bad wolf ready to blow this house in!
(and I should be the one saying, "not by the hairs of my chinny chin chin(s)...{currently working on bringing the chins down to a chin...a few pounds to go!} )
I went to the basement and just about fell over by the mess!
The bathroom was splattered with toothpaste. I still can't figure out how that happened.
I'm really trying to teach them cleanliness, but maybe I should just accept the fact I have 3 little pigs living in my basement...Of course I won't but sometimes I just feel steamed.
I actually had to leave Gavin in the basement (the tv room is sound proofed) and went up to my bedroom and had a moment of my own foul mouthed turrets syndrome. It feels good to vent.
Anyhow the house is semi-clean and I'm off to buy myself some tweezers.
I agree with heir and a spare is a smart idea.
Hope all is well!!

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Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

I haven't really looked at my basement for a few weeks. I just can't right now. I'll get there eventually... eeek

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