Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I can't find my favorite tweezers!!! Help! Yesterday I never thought twice about them but today I am in full OCD panic mode! I have other ones, but these ones(pictured above) are the cat's ass!
My morning routine is out of sorts...I usually have my coffee, do a couple of plucks and then phone Shari, but today I've already gone through the tv armoire drawers and frantically looked and purged the junk as I was doing so.
If I don't find them I NEED to do an emergency trip to Shoppers Drug Mart to locate these ones...
I must go!! My soon to be monobrow and Billy Goat Gruff chin are desperately in need of this tweezer.
Hope all is well!


Pen said...

UGH, I feel your pain!!! Those pesky Goat Gruff whiskers are the worst and can't wrap my head round the fact that I spend almost as much time in front of the mirror plucking as Hal does shaving!
Hugs and here's to a successful hunt.

Anonymous said...

That makes me laugh sympathetically as I love my tweezers and go totally nuts if my hubby borrows them as he never returns them to their proper resting place!! I don't go more than two or three days in between uses and I would flip if I lost mine as well!!! Happy hunting/shopping!! Oh, and you might want to find a new hiding place for them??haha. Devo

joni said...

HAHA cats ass...oh yea that made me laugh...go buy another pair..then when you find them U have one upstairs and one downstairs..hehe

ShariJoy said...

I already told you this morning... last nite after my nice bath ..I was looking in the mirror and theres a few strays on my eyebrows I should take care of but thought SLEEP was more important... and thought of you how you would never of gone to bed without first taking care of the situation!!.... So I had to laugh when your tweezers are missing!! Quick someone alert the national guard!!! Good luck... I KNOW YOU WON"T SLEEP TILL THERE REPLACED OR FOUND!!!

Jenny said...

"the cat's ass'...I was just thinking why is that good??
Scott says that comment all the time...
Still no tweezers and I'm off to Shoppers after school. I hope that I can find the EXACT pair.

org junkie said...

Oh my god, I never and I mean never go to bed without tweezing the eyebrows...I'm completely obsessed. I know how you feel. If I lost my tweezers I'd freak out!


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