Monday, February 19, 2007

Say Cheese!!!!

I had my ortho appointment today and he took IMPRESSIONS for my retainers!!! Yee Haw, the end is in sight!! I am getting bonded retainers and I believe that my next appointment(in 3 weeks) he will put them in. I will keep my braces for the next couple of months or so, while he fine tunes everything. There's a few little adjustments I think he needs to make here and there, but all in all I am pretty stoked to get these suckers off. I was afraid that Shay and I were going to be in braces together.
Anyhow that's my news for today. I have to go and get this big ol' buttski on the Elliptical and workout.
Hope all is well!!
Cheers...or rather...Cheese!!



joni said...

darn have an amazing smile...good one Jenny

Nin said...

Your teeth look amazingly perfect! SO excited for you :)

Pen said...

Wooo hoooo, you must be so happy! I love your smile, it lights up a room!

xo Pen

Carebear and firestarter said...

it'll be fun, you'll be standing infront of the toaster in the morning licking your smooth teeth for hours

Jenn said...

I had my braces on for four years. When I got them off I felt so naked. I was wierd to talk. But let me tell you it was like my mouth was so clean when i got them off and I could feel the smooth teeth again. My retainer, well let say i had it replace 3 times from breaking it and now i have no retainer just a little glue left.

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