Sunday, February 18, 2007

My Designing Guy

Scott never used to care about what I did in our home. I could get away with most anything(except wallpaper...he won't let me do wallpaper!)without any kind of a fuss. All that mattered to him was a clean, organized(to my capability)home with my own decorating touches.
Since moving to this house things have changed. Not only does he care...but he wants a say in absofrigginglutely everything. If I move a chair, he'll move it back if he decides that it's not quite where he wants it. I'll put a picture on the wall and he'll come around and let me know if it's okay to stay.
It's starting to get irritating. I liked it when he didn't care.
Last week I posted that Scott had given me free reign on our upstairs bathroom. At first I was excited with the possibilities. However, the other night while I was enjoying a sudsy bubble bath, I realized there aren't too many possibilities. The fixtures are all new...the cabinetry is new, so the only thing I can change is the paint colour. No wonder he was so keen to "give me free reign!" So I decided to discuss this with Scott.
" don't want any say in the bathroom upstairs?" I asked.
"Nah...I don't use it all that often."he said.
"I can paint it whatever colour I want?" I pryed.
"Yeah...because..."and then he stopped.
"Because WHY?" I asked.
"Because I'm taking the spare bedroom to turn into a den for myself." he said proudly as he puffed out his chest.
"What????" I stammered. "I already know what I want to do with that room. I have a colour picked out...I know what kind of daybed I want..."I said.
"No it's only take the bathroom and I get the spare bedroom."he said.
So this caused my blood to boil and I need to renegotiate the bathroom deal. I honestly didn't know I was trading spaces with him. The spare bedroom is an amazing little room that has a deck built on to it. I want that space. He can help me with some of the ideas but I'd like the final say. So we need to renegotiate pronto!! This will take some good negotiating skills...I'll nickname this Operation Mysay!
AAH! When did this man start caring about "spaces" so much?
I remember when he was happy to put up a picture on the wall. It didn't matter what colour the wall was.
The other thing that has been bothering me is the infiltration of his "things". This may sound petty to some. (But to be honest, I don't care if anyone thinks I'm being petty!)
Years ago Scott would let me decide what "things" of his could go where. I always incorporate his stuff(eventhough sometimes I wish I couldn't) and would try and find the best spot for some of his things. (Hey what's wrong with them being put up in the garage??LOL)
In all fairness to Scott I understand that he wants some of his favorite objects to be displayed. I have no problem with that. I keep all my personal girly stuff in our bedroom(he doesn't let me put anything too girly out in the livingroom). For Scott I have been putting most of his stuff(the not so nice to look at kind of stuff)in the computer room. I have everything neatly displayed and it looks like they belong together. I still have a few items of his in the living room. Mixed with our personal belongings.
But....then there's the subject of this uglymudderfudder of a swiss horn. Somehow Scott took this horn from his parents. It's a decorative piece and serves no musical purpose. The tassles(yes it once had tassles)have come off of it and the piece looks bad. Plus it's a freaking horn!?
Since we've moved into the house I keep moving this horn to certain places(lately I've thought of a couple of places I could shove this horn!!).....and the horn keeps making its way back to the bookshelf.
I move it...he moves it back.
The other day I moved it 3 times and lo and behold the ugly mudderfudder of a wooden thing was back on the bookshelf at the end of the day.
So I give up. He's obviously making a statement. I guess I'll just have to accept that this is where it will be displayed or...maybe I'll find a proper place for this horn!
(thought I'd share a pic of the soon to be butt scratcher...just joking!)

Speaking of statements...there was a verbal shit storm at our house yesterday afternoon.
Last week I had a laundry detergent box(empty of course) that I had left by the garbage bag downstairs for Scott to take out.
Instead of taking the box out he moved it(empty...)right beside the dryer.
So the other day(being stubborn and in a MOOD) I moved the laundry box to the bottom of the stairs. Scott was just about to work out.
I went walking by the laundry box and he shouts, "you better not walk on by that laundry box without bringing it to the garbage!"
So guess what I did?
I marched and stomped on by the laundry box.
And Scott starts yelling up to me..."I can't believe you WALKED on by the laundry box!"
So I walked down the stairs...stopped in front of the laundry box and walked on by the laundry box.
And he started to stomp up the stairs behind me...
All I heard was "wonk..wonk wonk" because I was fuming.
Then I laid a verbal licking of my own and stomped on up to the bedroom.
He came up a few minutes later and after a couple of heated exchanges we made up. I haven't been that mad in awhile.
Anyhow the reason I'm sharing this little diddy with everyone is I just was folding my laundry and guess what's sitting beside the dryer???
THE EMPTY LAUNDRY BOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I feel like cutting the box up and sticking it in his work backpack.(Obviously the rational thing would be to take it myself and throw it in the garbage can, but I'm not a rational woman!!)
Enough rantings my friend!
And to clarify all is good in our house. I used to have a friend that whenever I would bitch about my hubby she would phone me and ask, "do you need me to come over?"
"Hello!!!!!!! It's called being married!"
It's normal for us anyways. Not sure about the rest of you!
Anyhow I'm WAY past my bedtime.
Hope all is well!
Good night!


kissmekate said...

Well can't say I blame you about the empty box.

As for the horn can't you make it fall off the shelf so it smashes?

And the den.....mmmmmmmmm. Tell him he can have it but it is only fair that you have input into the colour scheme and paint it a wonderful girly pink!

Chunks said...

Call me a dictator but my husband has NO say in how I decorate/colors I choose/what I put where. No say at all. I like it this way, he seems rather indifferent so it works for us.

Now about the laundry box? You're a better woman that I am because I'd have hucked it at his head the first time I had to deal with it! I'm a hothead though. :)

org junkie said...

Oh gosh I'm with you there! Remember my dresser in the living room! Of course the dresser is still there and he hasn't brought it up

I would definitely be fighting for that sounds wonderful!


Christy said...

Ha ha! Great post! Most husbands are the takes them sometime to figure out that the empty box is there for a reason! I love it!!

Hey I was wondering if I could have access to your snapshot blog? If not that is okay, I will understand!

Pen said...

I love your stories, they're real life! I'm all with shocking Scott and telling him he gets the den as long as you get to pick the paint colour, lol.

xo Pen

Jenn said...

It must have been in there air, andy and i had words last night too. And i talked to 2 other friends and they had similar nights with there hubby's too funny. By the way, we need to get together before scott goes back on shift work cause if not the boys work opposite weenends.

joni said...

i couldnt think of anything witty earlier..come to think of it.. i still can't.. other than it made me laugh..passion-ON passion-OFF. haha same around ..dumb laundry box..must be very cleaver about it i am good luck!

Shan said...

Have you seen the "Everybody Loves Raymond" where Ray and Deborah come back from a romantic weekend away, and Ray puts the suitcase at the bottom of the stairs...where it stays for weeks while they have a standoff about whose job it is to take the thing upstairs? Yeah, just like the laundrybox. In the end, Deborah rants that she will be the bigger person and do it, then of course Raymond won't let her, because HE wants to be the bigger person.

It's very funny, if you're married. If you're NOT married, you're probably watching The OC or something instead, anyway.

Gwen said...

You could make the horn a big focal point in your living room, dress it all up with red and white ribbons and a big Swiss flag. Maybe some miniature lederhosen or something, too.

Gwen said...

I'm not sure why I find that so extremely funny right now, but I do, undeniably.

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