Saturday, February 03, 2007

Shake the Booty

I swear I've never seen a baby girl shake her booty like lil Miss Kali! Today at the arena she was befriending a couple of older girls and outta nowhere she started to shake her booty.
The only word I have to say about this groove is..."priceless".
Shari, you gotta capture that on video and set the music to "shake that body!!"
I'm still giggling over her "bootyliscious moves".



Pen said...

Kali got her groove on, lol. I agree they need to get that on film...good stuff for when she's older.

ShariJoy said...

it is "priceless" I just love it when she shakes her bootie!! I have to say it was nice getting stuck in Terrace for abit and being able to come hang out....Dougs always in such a rush to get home that it was cool to just Doug and Scott was there ever a moment of silence between them???LOL talk to u soon!!! PS Doug now wants to paint our bedroom your living room colour!!

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