Thursday, February 01, 2007

Our Own Mike Holmes

(My best friend) Shari is the most talented gal when it comes to home renovations. When she was 19 years old she completely transformed her single wide trailer into an awesome little abode. She did a marvelous job. It was trendy and chic. I loved that home.
She amazes me with her skill. I am afraid of knocking down a wall. I don't know that I would know how to do it in all honesty!! Sometimes I phone her and will ask,"what are your plans for today" thinking..."bathe the baby, watch some soaps, clean the house,"and she'll respond, "I think I'm going to start putting up a wall...pulling out some carpet...using the doomahicky saw to build myself a shelf!! Seriously I am always amazed what she is capable of.
The funniest thing is that she does all of this now with little Kali right beside her. Dug and her just finished getting rid of her sunken living room and bringing the floor to one level. Kali was there the whole time. I swear I need to find Kali some lil Mike Holmes coveralls!!
Imagine what I could do if I knew how to do half the stuff she knew how to do? Actually to be truthful I don't think I'd be interested in actually doing the work.
She is my walking home repair dial a friend. I can phone her and say, "this thingmajingy isn't working right" and she'll be able to diagnose the problem and tell me how to fix it..."it's nothing to fix honestly" is something she says to me frequently. (when I'm on the other side of the phone thinking..."mudder fudder what the heck is she talking about?)
I really think that she should approach HGTV for a show. Is there a carpenter show on HGTV that features a woman doing home repairs? Not home decorating but actually building? I think we may be on to something...hmm...(notice how I say "we"...I'll just market her!!LOL)
Anyhow she just posted a blip about her Master Closet that she did in a weekend. It's an amazing closet and she did everything herself. She's very talented.
That's it for's way past my bedtime.
Hope all is well!!


Lucy said...

Isnt she Mr.
I couldnt beleive it when I seen that closet, unreal.
Im so envious of her being handy, I wish!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

WOW! The only better than having a friend like that is being married to someone like that.. course Gunther rarely actually FINISHES the whole project.. grrr.. still.. it's fun to have someone handy around!

Chunks said...

Have you checked out my friend Margo's blog? OMG She is the QUEEN of renos! The Queen! She tiles, she plumbs, she does it all!

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