Friday, February 02, 2007


I have been trying to instill the importance of good manners to my boys. I am always going on about this to them. It's acually a pet peeve of mine to see children who have no manners and it's only because their parents can't be bothered to teach them.
Today at the doctor's office Gavin was playing with a toy on the floor. The room was crowded. He was preoccupied with playing when suddenly he let one "boofah" loose. It was an enormous sound.
He said, "Scuse me!"
And I sat there proud. "How quickly they learn!"I thought.
"...That one blew a hole in my pants!"he said loudly.
The whole room started to laugh.
I was a little embarassed and tried not to laugh.
He got "scuse me" right at least!!
Anyhow I have to go and head to Ctire with my hubby. Trying to get this paint issue dealt with.
Hope all is well!(stay tuned for an indepth post about Truths!)


tan said...

A true example of how children will be just that children,however I agree too many parents justaren't bothered by taking the time to teach their children manners or discipline.I see it every day at Walmart and I am not scared to make a child say thank-you or please.I'm stickler for manners but trust me I was very lazy in discipline but not manners.tan

TANYA said...

Oh my...that is too funny!

I agree though, manners is something that we too have tried to instill into our kids.

I sure hope you can get that paint thing worked out...I can imagine how frustrating it is for you.

Hope all is well. Take care!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

HAhahaha.. I would have been ROFL... Chloe's big on the Say Scuze Me! She always makes me say it twice.

ShariJoy said...

Thats too funny...I would of cracked up...Scott must of beamed with pride "thats my boy!!" when you told him!! Good one Gav!!

tan said...

Hey Jenny where di you find such a neat cursor?

Jenny said...

Here's the link for the free cursors:

Crystal said...

How cute.....I agree with making kids learn manners.....nothing bothers me more......thanks for putting a smile on my face!

Tan said...

Thank you very much Jenny.

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