Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I Want These!!!

Need I say more...(I'm starting to save up some money because I LOVE these light fixtures!!!)
Thanks to Shan for pointing me to a cool website!
I would love the second one for my entry way! I need to start working on Scott...hmm...He wants to keep a ceiling fan and I don't want it.
Okay...just a quick post...I'm off to work out!
Cheers to All!


Crystal said... have been really busy!
All your ideas look great....these fixtures would be so awesome...I hope you can work on Scott to let you have them....and if you are coming to Saskatoon.....which I heard you were.....please give me a call.

Christy said...

I love the first one! So pretty!

ShariJoy said...

Hey girl...I love both of them too.... Your free cursor thing is on your blog its at the very top of your page....go check out my blog i did a lil thing with kali ..a test run for Parker let me know what yo think!!
beat him, whip him, give it to him good he'll come around to your way of thinking!!!

Jenny said...

Maybe not giving it to him good, will get him to see the reasons I want to switch the fans over!!
I'm on to something here!!LOL

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