Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yee Haw

I went into Canadian Tire today and fluked into an amazing sale!!! This mama's happy. I ended up buying 3 pendant lights that were on sale for $14.93 each(a simple frosted glass). The regular price for these are $69.99...I saved $165.18 on these items. I also picked up lighting for above our kitchen table. (currently there is a fan/lighting thing). It is a candelabra styled light. I didn't want a light with lampshades because I am THE WORST duster.(seriously one night Scott and I were in bed and he put our fan on and I saw something grey and furry scurry across the floor...It was dust bunny the size of a real life bunny!! We laughed really hard!) The regular price was $179.99 and I got it for $69.93!!!

So today I saved myself:$275.24!!!
I did the obligatory phone call to Scott. We check in with each other for big purchases. When he came home I was showing him the lighting and he said, "oh yeah...looks nice."
Then I said, "aren't you glad I phoned before actually buying them?"
"Uh Jen...I don't really have a I! You just phone to make yourself feel better."and he laughed.
I think he's on to something.
Anyhow I have to figure out what we're doing over our sink. I have an idea and forgot to check to see if this fixture was on sale. I think I might have to do another run to Ctire tonight.
Well...I'm off.
Hope all is well in the Land of Blog.


org junkie said...

Oh how exciting! I love scoring a deal like that...good job!


TANYA said...

Wow...that was quite the sale!!! Those are some hot deals. I really like the one you picked for over your table...I'll have to come and check out the other ones too!

Jenn said...

Hey...Congrats on your new purchases. I love your picutres you posted too. SOrry I am not coming out tonight but my boys don't last past 7 so i think it is better if I stay home.

Pen said...

Holy Crap Jenny, that's freaking awesome. I'm hoping to pick up the paint for the bathroom this weekend at Cdn. Tire plus new faucets and towel racks, etc. It's exciting and hopefully can take some shopping tips from you.


Jenny said...

Thanks gals! Isn't it funny...the joys of a SAHM!!!
Penny are you coming to the Meet and Greet on Saturday?? I hope so!
I cleaned my bathroom just for in case you were coming over Jenn...good thing, my bathroom is clean!!

Nin said...

lol, I do the same with my hubby, it does make you feel better though doesn't it??

Gwen said...

Am impressed by the dust bunny!
does it have a Ding Dong?

Christy said...

Score!! I love finding good deals!

Joy said...

Me too! Hubby and I went in last week and got two sconces for our bathroom at 60% off! How cool is that??!

LOVE a good deal!!

Shan said...

I myself have scored some big time deals at Canadian Tire...mostly forlorn, deeply discounted Christmas decorations bought on December 26, but some real-life stuff too. Mr HalfSoledBoots calls it "Crappy Tire" for some inexplicable reason.

See? I'm not all "classical antiquities" and knitting technicalities.

Chunks said...

Ooooh I love a deal!! Awesome!

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