Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I am so proud of my sister.
Years ago she was in an awful relationship with a guy that was useless, to say the least. It seemed she was going nowhere fast.
After she ended the relationship she went back to College and did a 2 year program(hospitality/tourism management). Since finishing the program she has had some wonderful employment opportunities. The last 3 years she has been the Reservations Manager for a major hotel chain.
She also has a diploma from a Office Administration program.
The hotel she was working at switched companies and she found herself laid off. She decided to market herself to new career opportunities and just got hired in a new job. It isn't in the hospitality industry. She is extremely excited as this job will be paying $10000+ a year more than her last job. It also opens more doors for different employment opportunities in the future.
I am so proud of my baby sister!! She has come a long way and it is so nice to see her employment dreams being fulfilled.
Love you Amy!! You are so inspiring!!


Nin said...

it's such a blessing to be proud of our sisters. I'm proud of mine too :)
It's hard to walk away from an unhealthy relationship, good for her

Nin said...

and I finally see a picture of you on your sidebar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nice to meet you :)

ShariJoy said...

Boy I've been out of blog land for awhile I can't figure out how anything operates anymore...have to work on that!!

Amy said...

I am so proud to have such an amazing sister who is always there to support me and be there for me. She is my best friend and a wonderful sister. Thanks Jen:)

Jenny said...

I love you Amy!!! Thank you!

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