Friday, January 26, 2007

Bye Bye Lights

I had a busy, but great day. Scott and I had to address our paint issues. They can't seem to match the paint to the swatch. What a pain in the neck.
I also bought some of the dark bamboo baskets that are on sale at Ctire. I've been eyeing them for a long time and they finally went on sale. So I bought one set but I probably will end up buying another.
And for some bad news...Scott hates the lights I picked out(not the candelabra). He wants pendant style but he wants them attached to a bar (on the ceiling) so it's easier to install. He's not budging on this one(which he usually does!). I'll be returning the lights tomorrow...Oh well...he doesn't make a stink too often so I'll have to compromise (which I'm not good at).
I had plans for the evening but decided to stay home. I've been going out lots with people this past week for coffee that I think the excessive caffeine has caught up to me.
Not much was accomplished at home. (I did try to organize our book shelves) I've been trying for a long time to get my laundry put away. Scott says that should be one of our "daily challenges" in our fitness competition. Then at least my competitive spirit will kick in(all in good fun though!). I hate putting away laundry. Oh I know...hate is a strong word...let me rephrase that...I HATE putting away laundry!!!
Besides that nothing else is new.
We're hoping to pick up the paint tomorrow (I pray it'll be the right shade) and finish the touch ups. I'm beginning to think of colours for our work out room. I have an idea of the colour. I'm going to stay away from brown though!
Hope everyone enjoyed the beautiful bright and sunny day!
I'm off to bed to cuddle up next to my very own stud muffin. (oh he'll love that I've written that! Shhh...!LOL)
Good night!


Christy said...

Too bad about the lights! Chris can be very particular about certain things too but sometimes it's nice to know that he cares about the details of our home and wants it to look nice! Sounds like Scott does too!

I love those baskets.I need to get some!!

See you today at Sirena's! Looking forward to hanging out with everyone!

joni said...

jenny i too have been eyeing up those baskets..(i guess everyone in terrace reads the flyers..makes us feel so in touch with the outside world..hehe) too bad on the lights but you tryed...i laughed when i read about the laundry!! yea send that idea to btw nice pic of you and your hubby ...seea later..hehe

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