Saturday, January 27, 2007

Insert Primal Scream Here!!!

I went to pick up our paint from Ctire which was waiting for us at customer service. According to the girl I spoke with the reason they haven't been able to match the swatch is the fact that the paint was frozen.
Originally when I got the first can I asked why it looked lighter than the swatch. I was told it would match up...
Then we found out it didn't. We went through 2 big gallons of paint and 2 little gallons and our walls look so uneven in colour. I am frustrated...
The paint expert in Ctire isn't back to work until Monday. She had mixed a small can with the Debbie Travis paint. I didn't buy it,because I want to speak to her and show her pics of the walls. Mainly it's the big wall that's really bad, but you can notice certain spots throughout. I don't know if this means we have to repaint all of the walls!
Scott thinks we should get reimbursed for the paint. I don't have the receipts.
Insert primal scream here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a great day!
ps. Had a great time at the girls luncheon. The food was yummy!!



Clover said...

oy. yuh, if they give a whit about customer service, they shure should reimburse you!

MiShun said...

Hey just a tip for paint. Buy it at Terrace Interiors It may be a little more costly but The color is always right onand it is the best paint. inthe long run ou will be more satisfied. Plus marylyn there is a real gem.

Annie Thomas-Burke said...

ok love the bedroom things on your wish list.
On the paint issue, yes, because you have dealt with them throughout this process, they should work with you on this paint problem, receipt or not. If not, cause a stink.

The best thing to do is pour all the paint in one big 5 gallon bucket, mix, and then apply.
Paint will vary a bit in each can.
Mixing them take care of this problem.

Work on one wall only at a time. This keeps a wet edge, the uneven problem should not be a problem then.

What are the colors? Are you going
from very light to dark?
Often it will take three coats to even out a huge paint change like that.
Let me know if I can help virtually.

The frozen paint issue is their problem, they should fix it.


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