Tuesday, December 19, 2006


I can't believe it's only 6 more days until Christmas. Am I organized?? I have some cards that have been sitting on the seat of the van that was supposed to go out last week (Chunks, Janelle and Trudi) so I will mail them tomorrow but I'm sorry if you get them in 2007!!!
Yesterday I was one of the people that woke up to water in my basement. The worst part of it is Scott is in Kitimat until Thursday and I was still a little rough from hitting a couple of bottles of wine on Saturday!!!(when I do go out I go all out apparently!(blushes))
So Josey informed me in the morning(yesterday) that there was "some" water in the basement. I went into our workout room and the water was creeping towards the elliptical. Immediately I grabbed the shop vac and began vacuuming up the water like a mad woman. I knew the area of the house where the water was coming in at (the crawl space under the stairs) and so I would go from the crawl space to the basement. Unfortunately I would have made a drunken sailor blush with the profanity that was coming out of my mouth. At one point I felt the situation was helpless. I would suck up the water and watch it trickle out like a little stream. I then started to change my attitude. I had a moment where I thought of those in New Orleans and I said, "honey this Levy ain't breaking!" Then I decided to try and stop the water from entering the house. I grabbed some plastic and some 2x4's and began to place the plastic on the outside of the house. There is a spot the looks like the cement caulking is falling apart and there was a space. So I covered this area with plastic and then laid some boards overtop and some brick alongside the boards to keep the area secure. I then went and bought 2 sandbags and laid them on the bottom of the concrete to dam up the water so it would flow away from the house.
Well I tell you, it worked like a "hot damn". I am actually proud of myself for fixing the problem. I know this is only a temporary fix. We will have to recaulk and seal the areas, and bring some gravel in to even up the driveway. I was proud that I got the water situation totally under control. There was no damage of any kind.
Today I washed down the floor and then steamaxed the carpets. It's handy owning your own steamax machine I must say (well it's my mom's but she leaves it at our house). So everything is clean and under control. Right now I am tackling the basement and trying to get it spiffy, because MY SISTER IS COMING TOMORROW!!!!! How excited am I? The boys don't know that she's coming so they will be extremely happy to see her.
I am feeling stressed a little though. I have quite a few things I need to accomplish before the weekend. I am starting to get excited though. I love Christmas...hanging out with my family and friends...watching my boys open their presents...teaching my children the meaning of Christmas!! It's all so awesome!
Anyhow this is only a short post...
All is well with me!! I hope you all are beginning to enjoy the holiday festivities!! I am going to mail my cards tomorrow!!! I promise!!!
I'm off to clean!!!


Charlene said...

I will really have to remember that you have a steam cleaner next time my kids puke all over my carpet!!! haha... so glad to have someone who understands the frustration of the flood situation. Talk soon!!!

orgjunkie said...

Hey Jenny! We had water issues yesterday too...that was some rain coming down. I was a mad woman with a shop vac as well! But I am impressed with you being able to stop it from coming into the house....superwoman or what!!

TANYA said...

Well I'm glad that you were able to get that all cleaned up and that you took care of it yourself! "I am woman...hear me roar"!

I hope that you have a great time with you sister and your family!

"Its the most wonderful time of the year"!!

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