Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Seriously I need a remote to freeze time around me! I have so much to do and can't get anything done!
My house smells like wet stinkin' carpet and I have done everything I can think of doing to get rid of the odor. I am waiting for it to dry. I sucked what I could again last night with the shop vac and it still is damp. Will baking soda on the carpet help with the odour?
And to top it off I have a sprained ankle...yep confirmed by the doctor. Why was I at the doctor you may be wondering?....
Well last night when I was going to bed I was cleaning my ears (I think I am obsessive about my ears being clean) and I put the Qtip in and pulled the qtip out and the tip stayed in my freakin' ear!! So I went to bed and thought maybe it would fall out?
I woke up in the morning forgetting about the Qtip incident and was immediately alarmed because I couldn't hear much out of my left ear. So I got the kids to school, went to the airport, got an appointment to see my doctor and had the tip removed from my ear!
It was kind of embarassing but my doctor told me it happens all the time!
So that's my day so far!!
Hope all is well!
I was worried there that I had done some damage but as soon as the tip was out I could hear like a "hot damn".
Have to run!


TANYA said...

I know what you mean about freezing time, just so you can get a bit more done...I feel the same way. I was up again until 3am last night! Two nights in a row...sheesh!! Oh well, its for a good reason!

Anyways, I'm glad that you got the qtip out of your ear! That would have freaked me right out. See you at the concert!

Lucy said...

Sister you crack me up.
I seen Shari today and she invited me over on Christmas Eve, so Ill pop in and have a visit with you all.Looking forward to it.
Take time to breath and enjoy the rest of the week hun, and dont clean your ears k.

Crystal said...

I hope you have an amazing Christmas have been a blessing to me this year....and yes I am glad you got the Q-tip out too....:o))

Nin said...

chuckle chuckle...sorry, I have to giggle about your q-tip experience. When I was little, I had this thing with putting things in my ears, I stuck an earing back, little pieces of erasers, little rolled up pices of kleenex.....why you ask, I HAVE NO IDEA. But anyway, I had to go see a specialist to get them all removed, because I woke up one day and realized I couldn't hear well either! (duh) Yeah, I was weird. Please still be my friend ;)

How did you sprain your ankle? Maybe you memtioned it in another post, but I'm behind on my reading. What an awful time to have that happen. The cool thing about Christmas is that it comes no matter what, whether we're done all our stuff or not, and everything always seems to go just fine, either way....
Enjoy your time with your sister! I hope you have a blast together.

Gwen said...

It's probably far too late now, but when we were in the same situation a couple years ago, I got some stuff at Rona that's specially made for flooded carpet. You could try that!

Have a wonderful Christmas, and best wishes for the New Year!

Jenny said...

Thanks anyhow Gwen. I ended up getting a fan from my mom and dad and putting up our electric dried perfectly!!

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