Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Today I had it with blogger. I couldn't sign in to read my own blog. So I switched it back to anyone being able to read it. I found it was annoying to have to log in constantly to read my blog....I guess it boils down to me being lazy. If I start getting some strange comments I'll switch back. I'm also at a really good spot....if voyeurs want to voyeur into this exciting life of mine where all I do is talk about paint colours, than fly at it!! I'll still keep the majority of my pictures on the other blog and use this place to talk about my life and to VENT.......about...........what else than..............................
I need to go and get some more paint if you can bloody believe it!
I had the can of pain(t) shaken at CTire. Today I opened the can and stirred and stirred and stirred the paint (because we have had problems with the paint not being mixed properly and getting a different colour half way through). Anyhow I poured the paint in the tray and began painting the wall. I had my Aerosmith's CD just a blaring and I was in a great mood. About 15 minutes later I needed to fill the tray again (I only had a small can because we are only fixing one wall) and I pour the paint in and there are major reddish brown streaks everywhere. So I mix the paint and the colour is way darker than what I just painted!!!!!!! So I cursed like a good ol' sailor for a couple of minutes and then decided to fill the tray up with all of the paint and mix it really well and just redo the wall. So the wall is almost done....but it's a hassle. I don't know if the paint is not getting shaken long enough?? (I'm going to ask them about it, although I just had a freak out the other day in Ctire so I pray that the same girl is not working in the paint section.)I'm mixing it when I open it! I just know that I am mad...
It's driving me..........but not enough to ruin my Christmas spirit!!
Anyhow I am going to go and have some eggnog (mixed half and half with milk...eventhough it should be rum) and wrap some of the presents I have for my family.
I hope everyone is catching the holiday spirit!!
"It's the Most Wonderful Time of The Year!!!"
Hope all is well!
(I have a really good dumb husband story but now that this is public I think I can't share it...)


TANYA said...

I can't believe how hard of a time your having with that paint! That sucks! I hope it turns out well even though its been a problem.

Its getting so close to christmas...the days are flying by! I'm starting to get more in the christmas spirit as well. Take care.

Gwen said...

Sucks that you had to switch back to public blogging, but you're right, half the time I couldn't sign in.
You might want to get your paint from Rona or somewhere else; seems like Cdn Tire is ALWAYS screwing up their paint. I lauged my head off at "can of pain(t)!" Right on.

Connie said...

you should send an email... i'd love to hear your dumb husband story!! :)

Janelle said...

yummmm...i just had a glass of eggnog & rum the other nite...it was great!

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