Tuesday, November 21, 2006

LightBulb Moment

Well I complained last night about missing my hubby, but today I am not so lovesick.
Okay I am lovesick, but I am not SO LOVESICK...
It's actually nice to live in a house where I don't have to worry about hanging up my jacket or emptying the dishwasher right away. It's also nice to not have to worry about making sure the coffee table isn't stacked with unwanted papers or not having to sort through the kids' school papers and put them in the appropriate baskets ASAP.
Better yet, it's so nice to not have to sweep up the kitchen floor or worry about whether the counter tops are nice and clean. I didn't make my bed til 3:30 pm this afternoon. Usually I make it after my morning cup of coffee and it felt good to let it sit unmade.
Basically what I am trying to say is it's nice living in a pig stye! Usually I spend the day trying to keep the house clean,because I know my DH loves living in a clean house. I have realized that it isn't that much of a concern for me.
But...imagine if he were to surprise us by coming home a day early!!!
Oh my!!! Actually that is a concern! Tonight I'm going to have to do a quick tidy just "in case". I'm busy on Thursday so it will be nice to be ahead of the game for tomorrow.
Man...I just had a realization. Imagine if I would have kept my house tidy all day like I normally do...I wouldn't have such a disaster to clean up tomorrow!!!
Maybe sweet luvah boy is on to something!!
Shhh...I'm not going to tell him that I doubted his game plan!!
Anyhow I better start my tidying!!
Hope all is well!


Chunks said...

Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!!!! Housework is OVERRATED!!!! No one, on their deathbed, ever says "If only I'd have spent more time dusting!" Seriously. My mother in law taught me this because I used to be OCD about the cleaning!

Life is just too short!

Jenny said...

I struggle with this all the time. I can't stand seeing a closet door left opened, I get a knot in my stomach with a dirty bathroom...
I know that it is because of one one thing that I am in denial about...
I'm becoming like my mother!!
I have to admit I like doing housework...I put on some good music and love cleaning...weird I know!!
Today it did feel good not to do anything. I just know that I don't like seeing crap everywhere.
I'm not as bad as Cough...(anal) husband...I haven't reached that yet!!!(trust me though my house isn't a spotless house!)
I agree wholeheartedly that life is way too short!
Have a great night!

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

Gunther definitely has a higher standard of cleanliness than I do.. course that doesn't mean that he pitches in.. GRR ;)



TANYA said...

Its nice to just sit and relax...even if its not the tidiest hey? I wish sometimes that my husband would like things tidier...maybe it would give me more incentive to keep a tidier house. I have my spurts where I like it neat...but then I turn around and everyone messes it up...so then I think, whats the use.

Like Chunks said...no one ever said they wish they had spent more time dusting on their deathbed...atleast I hope not!

Crystal said...

I hate hate hate housework....but I hate a dirty house even more...it would be so nice if my hubby actually would notice if the house was clean or not......LOL....oh well we can't have it all can we.....

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