Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hello My Friends!

Hello everybody,
Phew...what a sigh of relief it is to know who is reading this. I wish I had some scandalous story to share on the reason I have decided to go private but really there isn't. Scott hasn't been keen on the whole blogging thing for awhile. I think it bothers him that I have shared photos and some private stories of our family to people that we don't know who is reading this.
So that's the only reason. Scott is completely on board with me blogging now. So that's my reason for going private!
I have a funny chicken story to share but will post later on. Scott and I are currently painting the entry way and I see a photo op. Plus he's worked up a sweat and I need to go and help out somehow!!
I'll post later on!
Enjoy your day!


Annie B said...

Thanks for inviting me.
Congrats on taking back your power to say what you want when you want.

Look forward to reading more.


Crystal said...

welcome to the world of private blogging, I have to admit I like it allot.

Julie Julie Bo Boolie said...

YAY I made it :)

Thanks for counting me in!



musician said...

Thanks for allowing me to read your blog! I enjoy it! I think blogging is a really neat way to gather friends around our country but I totally get why your husband finds it a bit scary! I walked into church the other week and someone asked how it was going with my son's project that I had blogged about! YIKES!!! You never do know who is reading!

Thanks for the privilege of reading it!

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