Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Exciting Times of Jenny D

I wish I could report that there is lots new and exciting with me these days, but that's not the case. Gavin had his first day at preschool the other day and loved it. It felt weird to drop him off by himself somewhere for 2.5 hours. It was weird for the whole family. He was ready though. I asked him if he wanted mommy to stay for awhile when we got there and he replied, "you can go mommy." So I left with a couple of tears in my eyes. (okay I am a sap!!)
We were busy this weekend. We had a skating activity to go to organized by Scott's work on Saturday (which was a bust for mommy and Gavin...I cannot use boys skates at all!!) and then dinner at my parents. (my mom made the most amazing meal of stuffed Cornish Game hens, homemade buns, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and yams...okay we're pigs!!! Plus there was an Oreo cookie cake for dessert!!! That's the reason I need to diet!!!) Sunday we were busy trying to organize the basement a little.
Today I started to tackle the pantry. I got the bottom tool corner all cleaned out and purged a bunch of junk. Then I separated some of the bottom of the pantry into 3 containers. I now have a tool container(filled with what else but tools), a painting container (that has sandpaper, brushes, stain...etc.) and a "not used everyday" kind of container that houses 2 hacksaws, some switch plates, extra little bulbs, Christmas mini lights). I was happy with accomplishing that much. I am looking for a plastic container that has 3 big drawers but will fit in that area. I'll probably have to move the bottom shelf up a little. That's the extent of the pantry. (I did take pictures BTW but can't post them with IE) and don't feel like rewriting this all.
I also spent the rest of the day cleaning the house. I finished the majority. Tomorrow I just have to vacuum the basement, clean the boys' bathroom, wipe down the laundry area, put some laundry away and dust...PHEW!! Usually I do my cleaning on Mondays, but yesterday I took a "sick day" and just lounged around. Today I was a little late getting to the job (I thought I'd cash in some banked time that I know is owed to me!!LOL)so I didn't start the hustle bustle til after 11 am. So I called it a day before my job was completely done and instead chose to do a much needed workout. I now feel rejuvenated and ready to take on tomorrow.
Yeah like I said there isn't anything newsworthy with me these days. I am still trying hard to lose weight and lost 3 pounds last week. I'm sure that after eating dinner at my mom's I must have put on at least 4...we'll see.
I am really excited that Christmas is coming. I am going to start putting out the odd winter thing around the house. Scott and I aren't buying much of anything for each other this year. Our trip to Vegas will count as a present for both.
Anyhow I hope all is well in the "Land Of Blog". I am going go and make myself some tea and either play a game of poker or watch some TV....
Oh right, this really peeved the crap outta me this week. My Internet was totally hooped. I couldn't access anything. So if anyone is wondering why I haven't been commenting, I haven't been able to get online until today. I phoned telus the other night and the guy made me ping something and said I was losing too much of something a rather. (sorry I am not a techie at all!) Then he said he had to send the information to a Computer technician to see if they could figure out the problem(apparently I was losing way too much of something a rather). Yesterday morning I turned on the computer and all seemed fine and dandy. I wasn't on the computer during the day. Generally I am only doing stuff on the computer at night so when I sat down to read thru all my fave blogs, I couldn't access anything.
I was peeved and said a few bleeps and then phoned telus again. After a few minutes of doing the standard tests the operator asked if my filters were in the phone.
"You mean the white thing that says ASDL filter?" I asked.
"Yes that would be it." he answered.
"No it's sitting in my junk basket by the computer. We have never had it in the phone. The computer room doesn't have a phone connected. The kitchen is where the phone jack is."I answered.
"Umm...ma'am you need to go and plug the filter in the kitchen. How long have you not had a filter in it?he asked.
"Since we moved here...a year." I answered.
"I believe we found your problem. I can't believe you got a good connection for a whole year." he replied.
So sure enough I plugged the filter into the jack and haven't had any problems since. Not sure what the filter does, but as long as it makes the connection workI really don't care how it works!
Okay...I'm gonna stop the rambling now.
Hope you are all doing well!
Take care and have a great night!


Linda said...

Hi Jenny! This is Starla's Mom! I enjoy reading your blog! I hope some of that organising energy rubs off on me! I am trying to organise my whole house! I have great hopes that all the kids will come home to visit and think they've walked into the wrong house!! Hahaha! I told myself I am NOT putting up the Christmas tree until I have accomplished my goal! Seeing as I LOVE Christmas this is good incentive !!

Have a great day !

Chunks said...

LMAO Jenny at the filter thing. That is so funny! "It's in the bottom of my junk drawer!" hahah!

Glad everything is working now for you! We've missed you in blogaritaville!

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