Wednesday, November 08, 2006

24 Day Organizing Challenge?

Hello Everyone!
What lies behind this door?

Laura our very own Organizing Junkie is hosting a 30 day organizing Challenge. Click here to see all the details!

Now that I have figured out how to post(can't post pics with Internet Explorer) I am almost afraid to hit the publish button at the end of this.
Feel free to judge me. I know there will be some sighs and snickers when they see what I have to deal with.
The pantry is something I have been putting off for a while. There really is no rhyme nor reason to how things are scattered. It's chaos in there...
Wanna see?
(and it's not very stocked...I have been putting this project on hold for sometime so I haven't restocked much of anything!)

Oh it really is an absolute mess...sigh! At the bottom of the pantry is all of our indoor tools. I actually bought a smaller tool box to organize it all. I think most of the stuff can go to the shop. I am hitting the stores this weekend to buy some baskets, wire pullouts for this area. Stay tuned...I'll keep you all informed. I want my baking stuff to be more organized than stuffed into the round tub. I also want it to look half decent as looks like I have my work cut out for me!!!
Another project I have tackled is cleaning out the entry way closet. It was a disaster. I didn't take any before shots, but here's a cleaned out version. Where the white plastic organizer(filled with toques and scarves...the blue tote is filled with mitts) is I want Scott to put up some vertical cubbies for baskets and such. It's a very tall closet which I didn't show any justice with my picture taking. So I want to take advantage of the vertical space. On the other wall I would like some hooks for Jonas' and Gavin's jackets and a couple of ball caps. I am thinking of getting an organizer for the hanging area. The top shelf I want baskets for those odds and ends. The problem with me is I want it all looking pretty and coordinated. This usually means expensive. Stay tuned with this project. There is no time line for this.

I just realized the doors look like they have dirt on them...they don't I promise! Don't mind the paint colour on the wall. Currently I am trying to find a colour that I like...those weren't the ones!

Now should I press publish???
Have a great day!


org junkie said...

Jenny it worked! Thanks for playing along! You have a HUGE pantry...I'm so jealous!! It sounds like it will be awesome when you are finished with it. Don't forget to check the dollar store, you can often get nice baskets there for relatively inexpensive. Can't wait to see the after photos! Laura

Pen said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished project Jenny!

Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE to have that pantry! Mine is about 1/5 of that size!

Good luck!


Jenean said...

I would LOVE to have a pantry :) You have so much space in there. Some baskets to organize things would look really neat. Good luck!!

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